Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Rooftop Restaurant Opens! Hollywood beckons!

We all know Jay loves food and already has two restaurants which are centered around his movies viz Initial D and Secret. He uses them to house the props and other paraphernalia from the films and for The Rooftop, it has been no different.

On 29 August 2013, at 2pm, he graced the opening of The Rooftop Restaurant, together with Will Liu and Wang Shih-Chun, the three of them being the partners in this venture.

Link to a translated article from Jay Chou Studio:

So is Hollywood really interested in collaborating with him?
Yes, I know Lorenzo di Bonaventura is probably quite influential and it sounds like a great opportunity for Jay, all other factors being taken into consideration, of course.
But he better brush up on his English....first of all, by reading this blog. ;)

Playlist of vids from the event:

Seriously, I had a grim foreboding when he was doing all that crazy travelling for The Rooftop promos/premieres plus concerts, that all of it would take a toll him.
Then he had that flu thing where he lost his voice and needed steroid injections, poss
ibly antibiotics and probably painkillers after that for his AS.
All of those most likely affected his digestive system, resulting in gastroenteritis and diarrhoea and weight loss.
In a nutshell, his body was telling him: Enough is enough, Jay!

However, the good thing is that all these happened during his break and not in the midst of a full concert schedule, whence he might have had to cancel or defer.

Jay appeared a little rundown and haggard but he was still all smiles and togged out in a very cute and colourful  outfit, with rolled-up pants! We hardly ever see his ankles so this was doubly!
Methinks he looked like a true Rooftopper. :)

This pic melted A LOT of hearts, including mine:

Doesn't he look super adorable here???

Like I said....those are cute ankles he's got!

Looks skinny here...

And look at who he's holding!! His god-daughter, Xiao Pao Fu who turned one month recently!
Jay looks so satisfied!
Gosh, I'm sure all his fans can't wait for the day he has his own baby...I know I'm one of them. :)

And friends like JJ Lin also dropped by! JJ said he had also previously suffered from gastric problems and could empathise.

More pics on my album on The Rooftop: A Jay Chou film Page on Facebook:

It was really nice to see Jay in good spirits and and getting back to normal. :)

There has also been good news of late about him eating more and restarting his workouts:

Here he is, eating tofu and iced mango:

 Will Liu posted about him doing his exercise routine again:

Take care, Jay!
We have been worried sick about you, too and want you to put your health first, no matter even if you cannot do as much as you want to.
As your family, we understand.

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