Sunday, 29 September 2013

DIAOness Updates: HK-withdrawal; a new law and All Delicious Foods!

Hi guys!

I've had a good break from that marathon stretch of OPUS JAY HK blogging and will now provide some more updates about our dear dear Jay.

Firstly, I gotta admit it was not just the HK fans who were suffering Jay-withdrawal symptoms after he left Hongkong.
I was, too and comforted myself by compiling a playlist of The Best Of The Guests vids on my youtube channel.
I got as many of the best quality ones as possible but still missing are Coco Lee's Dao Ma Dan with Jay and a youtube vid of the full Donnie Yen performance with the nunchucks and piano.
Will add to list once I see them.

Then of course there were more vids popping up and here are some of my faves:

This is Jay singing Sui Yue Ru Ge, the one and only Cantonese song which he had practised long and hard for. He sang it a few times with his guests but this one is him solo and I really really LOVE to hear him sing in this dialect. He just sounds very awesome.
Is it because of the way a Cantopop song is more suited to his vocal range? Or just Cantonese itself??
I'm Cantonese too, so maybe that's a factor.

Another view:

And this one is him singing Silence, which is a very special song 'cos at the end, the fans join in so wonderfully with him echoing back the "Because I love you too much"....le sigh....

Jay singing Moonlight On The Rooftop, with two views:

One lucky fan actually caught hold of his hand when he was standing on the speaker, singing Big Ben!
That hand must never be washed!

Clearer snippet:

Moving right along, JVR has finally decided to make a stand against all those malicious and unsubstantiated rumours against Jay which rear their ugly head time and again, with a controversial new law in China:

I think it's about time!
I've often wondered how in the world Jay managed to shrug off those idiotic 'reports'.
JVR should have sued the pants off the writers by now!

And now for something more yummy....Jay was at a press conference for All Delicious Foods on 28 September!

Here is the commercial:

Here is a link of an interview:

Translation from Jay Chou Diaoness Page:
"It's my first time playing a chef in a commercial.
Meng Li is my apprentice.
I cook at home occasionally but it's not that good.Important message is that everyone can be a great chef.
We did not take long to shoot this commercial and we managed to do what the director wanted.
Of course I have confidence in my own movie but whether it does well or wins awards is dependent on other's taste."

Regarding next year, Jay said he'll be concentrating on music. As for whether his Mum would be in any of his movies, he said it was unlikely as she likes to keep a low profile.

My comment:
Why is Meng Li holding the mike all the time??
But great to hear he'll be more involved with music next year...I sense Album No 13 soon!!

Here is a link to my Facebook album with photos from the event:

So handsome!!!
And that DIMPLE!!!!!

I'm now looking forward to his concert in Xi'an tomorrow night as he has promised something different and special!

I shall end off with more breathtaking pics:

Arms and DIMPLE!!!

 Brilliant smile and beautiful flowers for a beautiful man!

Okay....this one is sexy, smouldering and *faints*

Here's to a brand new week and do watch out for Xi'an updates!


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