Saturday, 26 April 2014

OPUS JAY: Guiyang 25042014

After a successful stop in Sydney, the OPUS JAY 2014 World Tour machine rolled on to the Chinese province of Guizhou, where His Royal DIAOness staged another of his humongous and spectacular outdoor concerts on 25 April 2014.

Doesn't he look cute at Customs?

The fans waiting for him were certainly enthusiastic, if not a little overly so:

Just look at how his bodyguards had to surround and protect him.
Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he would have been completely overwhelmed by the fans!

As usual, Jay commenced rehearsals in earnest and there was lots of cute stuff happening!

Dang! I want Danni's job!

Look at the size of the stadium!

Rare footage of Jay rehearsing Long Quan:

For some reason, Jay threw the spotlight on his facial hair this time, with him posting something via his trusty friends regarding whether he should shave or not.
In the end, he conceded that he had better do so in case the young ones at the concert start to address him as Uncle!

Well, this fangirl absolutely prefers him clean-shaven anytime.
How about you?

The concert proper:

For more pics, do click on this link:

Some nice vids from the concert:

Guitar medley:


Hong Chen Ke Zhan:

End Of The World:

Ming ming Jiu:

And the next morning, he was off!

Next stop:


Friday, 25 April 2014

OPUS 2 JAY SINGAPORE: Ticket sales!

It was the night before 25 April 2014.
The queues had begun in the earlier part of the evening at the Indoor Stadium which was where the Sports Hub box office was located.

If there was any doubt about whether fans would flock to Jay Chou's encore OPUS concert in Singapore a mere seventeen months after his sell-out three nights in June 2013, it was soon put to rest when ticket sales started on the dot at 10AM this morning for M1 and OCBC Card members.

In addition to the Indoor Stadium, the other venues for sales were at SingPost offices and I heard that queues had formed there too, although perhaps not as long as the one at the SIS.

Here's an Instagram vid from fans showing their support:

However, what was of more interest to most of the fans was the ability of the ticketing website to handle the expected HUGE volume of sales, as previous experiences with the other ticketing agent had invariably led to crashes, delays and frustration.

Happily, it appeared that Sportshubtix had got their act together today as there were no reports of the website crashing from fans who were booking online or at the venues.
Things seemed to have gone smoothly, if a little slowly in general and many people I know were able to get tickets, although perhaps not their choice of seats.
But a peek at the Sports Hub Facebook Page showed up the usual complaints about waiting and not pages not loading.

I heard from another friend in the evening that there were still Cat 2 and Cat 4 seats available, although I cannot confirm that nor any other news about how the overall sales went, as yet.

Anyway, the OCBC/M1 priority booking period goes on until 27 April, so I urge those of you who have yet to get your tickets to do so as soon as possible on your own or from friends you can trust.


Regrettably but not unsurprisingly, the black market swung into action very soon after sales opened with tickets going for two or three times their sale price on many forums and sites.
I would however caution against buying from sources which are dubious as this is actually illegal and also, there is no guarantee that the tickets are genuine.

Please also note that I do not condone the buying and reselling of tickets in the comments on this blog.
Any such comments will be deleted with immediate effect when I see them.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Here's a nice pic of our handsome Jay to spur you on!

Doesn't he look just yummylicious???
Those arms.... *swoon*

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

OPUS 2 JAY SINGAPORE: Ticketing details


Look at that EYE-POPPING pic of His Royal DIAOness on the poster for OPUS 2 JAY in Singapore on 8 November 2014 at the new National Stadium!
So much better than last year's, right??

So the ticketing has been officially announced and as usual, there will be priority booking for OCBC Cardmembers from 25 to 27 April.

After a successful world tour comprising of packed arenas in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and including 3 spectacular sold-out shows in Singapore last June, Asia’s reigning King of Mandopop brings his first full scale outdoor Singapore concert to the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub, the nation’s newest and largest concert arena on 8 November 2014 (Saturday). Jay Chou solidified his status as pop and R & B King as fans snapped up much sought after concert tickets within a few hours of ticket launch for his previous concerts. 

OPUS 2 JAY 2014 WORLD TOUR is a continuation of Jay’s last concert with a fresh opening performance. The concert will be stocked with razzle-dazzle projections and lighting effects as Jay Chou performs songs from his forthcoming 2014 album and familiar fan favourites. Along with skilled dancers, ace musicians, giant video screens, spectacular stage, complemented by the National Stadium’s modern appearance, OPUS 2 JAY 2014 WORLD TOUR Concert will be a sight to behold. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable world class concert experience! 

This Concert is proudly presented by M1 and sponsored by OCBC, Giant, Sakae Sushi, Air Asia Big, Bugis Junction and Bugis +, Resorts World Sentosa and CCI Rewards.“

Link to promotional vid:

From past years' experience, the priority bookings will move SUPER FAST, leaving little for the rest.
As such, it would make sense to get hold of an OCBC cardholder (if you are not already one) to help or quickly apply for one yourself to take advantage of this situation.

Of course, the capacity of the new stadium will be bigger and the organisers are targeting 30,000 pax.

But recalling last year's OPUS JAY in June, when he sold out three nights, each about 7000 to 8000 pax, in 5 hours altogether, it seems fairly certain that: the same mad rush is going to happen come 25 April.

It also seems equally certain that the website is going to crash once sales start, so I hope the new agent has put into place measures to handle the humongous volume which is bound to come its way.

I'm not sure about priority for other sponsors and will update on the Page and this blog accordingly when I hear any other news.

Here are some news links about last year's ticket sales:

Good luck!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Chou Cruise: Sail Away with Jay

The morning after His Royal DIAOness' concert in Sydney, he was due to sail on Captain Cook Cruises with fans around Darling Harbour.

Jay looked a little tired and from what I heard, the post-concert festivities only ended at 3AM, so it was not too surprising.
Perhaps he was also being a Hydrophobic Sailor? ;)

Nonetheless, he still sportingly entertained everyone with the help of his trainers and took photos with the fans. 

NB: He quipped that the next time he came to Sydney he might be bringing his own kid! :)

Sigh....if only he would have a cruise party with fans when he comes to Singapore in November.....well, a fangirl can dream, right??

And he should dress like this:

I'm dreaming on......

Till my next post....cheerio! 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Photo with Jay Chou: A fan's experience in Shenzhen

This is Jay Chou fangirl, Elizabeth's story:


The story started from the June concerts in Singapore..

I had obtained tickets to the first and third nights.  In order to be more economical, I decided to let go of my third night tickets to my friend. Boy did I regret it!! After watching the first night, I felt that I didn't reach the high, and wanted desperately to continue with the second and third nights, but tickets as all know were impossible to get by then. And especially when I saw the other fans' postings about their multiple nights, I really hated myself :(

I moaned and moaned about this to anyone who would listen, until one day my sister asked me if I wanted to watch the concert in Shenzhen! I quickly checked the calendar and after confirming it was already the school holidays, the decision was clear. SET to go! !

I owe a great Thank You to my sis and her China contact, who was involved in the China concerts production. In fact she also managed to get me tickets to the Chengdu concert 2 years earlier :)

After a few months of eager waiting, it was finally time! We managed to bundle the concert with a mini eating and shopping trip in Hongkong. But to skip the unimportant parts haha.. We were finally on our way from Hongkong to Shenzhen on the day itself!

We arrived in Shenzhen and tada! Checked into the same hotel as Jay! It was so exciting to see concert personnel wearing the opus tshirt walking around  the hotel and the vicinity.  My sister's ] friend met us, and explained a little about what was happening, and pointed out some of the people to us.  We saw part of the band, and also Jay's  bodybuilder buddies. Unfortunately I'm not really familiar with them compared to other fans; my eyes are only for Jay! :D
Pior to this, I wasn't really feeling anything different, just looking forward to a great time at the concert. 

We were chilling out in the room after checking in,  when my sis suddenly asked me: 
"Hey, later on do you mind if we don't stay till the end of the concert?"  
I was staring at her blankly. 
She continued,  "Anyway it's the same concert so you already know what's there right?"  
I said., "Er ...but every concert is different and he sings different sings for the encore (a bit unhappy already)".
 My sis and her friend gave each other shifty eyes. Then she said, "Actually I didn't want to tell you and wanted to be a surprise,  BUT I'm worried you won't come with us later so have to tell u now. ...TADUM.... If you give up the encore and leave earlier with us,  you may get a chance to take a photo with Jay! !!!"

WHAT?!? I was stunned! ! Are you serious? ?? Don't joke about something like that! ! 
Well they weren't joking. 
If we left earlier, the friend will arrange for us to wait at the banquet rooms where the post-concert party will be held and when Jay arrives they will try to get us in together with the sponsors etc for photo opportunity!  The reason we had to leave early was so that we do not get caught in the exit traffic and then be unable to make it! ! 
Was there even a choice to be made? !? 
Of course to leave early! !

They followed up with disclaimer though that we were only trying for a chance, may not be 100% successful.. But a chance is better than none right? ? 
From that moment on my heart was jittery. My body couldn't stay still; my mind was in a blank most of the time. They were all so amused, they couldn't understand how I could be such a fan,  a mother of two.
Helllo, my boy is named Jay ok!! :D

We still had some hours to kill, so we went for some relaxing at the massage parlour. Well the others relaxed,  I was just in a daze throughout.  What was I thinking?  Can't remember. .maybe thinking of what to say or do when face to face with Jay? ?? Haha...daydream daydream. .

Finally it was time to set off for the concert.  It had been raining heavily throughout the day, but luckily started to taper off before the concert, and stopped totally just before it started. But due to the rain they couldn't set up the merchandise store,  so I couldn't get  stuff I didn't buy in sin. There were many illegal sale of pirated merchandise (remember this is China) but we must always support official goods right!

The concert passed by in a blur,  I couldn't really concentrate,  and too quickly my sis asked to me leave. .already?? I thought. ..I still haven't reached the high of the concert. . Think of what's waiting for u, she reminded me.  Ah.. Yes. . Once in a lifetime opportunity. .go go go.. All the time while leaving I was walking backwards so I could still face the stage,  till we were out of the stadium. . And after that, I was still singing along to the songs until out of earshot. In the car I found out that there is a special route that is reserved for artistes out of the stadium so they do not get caught in the jam, and that's why we need to leave before Jay or else we'll never be able to make it to the hotel before him. . That solved the mystery about how he can be so fast back at the hotel :p

After we reached the hotel, the friend brought us into the party area which was barricaded off;  there were a few fans gathered outside who were staring at us,  must be wondering who we were that we were privileged to go in :p 
We were brought around,  and the friend explained to us who will sit at which table. . 
We were in the room that Jay will sit at (together with Ms Q :p).. 
They teased me and asked if I wanted to hide under the table to wait for him. .haha..I was tempted! ! But I decided NO cos I'm not a stalker fan! ! :O
In the end we took a seat in the room just beside, the waiting time here was really unbearable.  The anticipation. It was driving me crazy. . My face was so hot from blushing. I couldn't respond to anything.  Suddenly I had a thought,  will I be able to get an autograph from him? ? And can I get the photo on my mobile?  To prepare for the chance I put a pen and the concert tix in my pocket,  borrowed a portable charger to charge my mobile so that it won't die on me at the most important time,  and entrusted it to my hubby to be the cameraman if the opportunity arises.  Yes, my hubby was with me, the poor long suffering guy seeing his wife mooning over Jay :D

Finally the concert staff started streaming in. Means Jay will arrive anytime soon.  My heart beat went up. . We went out and my sis and her friend went to greet the staff,  and most importantly the head organiser who was the one who decided to give us the photo op!! 
I gushed my thanks at him ha ha,  and found out from my sis that she had actually sounded him out at another event that he organised,  just wanted to get some concert freebies,  and he actually said if we are able to attend the concert he will try to get us the photo op!! Wow... so this had actually been in planning for so long! ! I LOVE my sis!! Kkk...

And finally. ..Jay was there! ! We were all gathered to a place to wait for our turn.  Our group was given 2 photo chances,  in whatever was unanimously decided to let me have a solo shot (haha.. my supportive family) and the other a group shot. I think I was hyperventilating,  my hands went cold but my face was hot..sadly the organiser told us. No talking to him,  no touching him, no personal photos,  only the official photographer. .. so no autograph and no mobile :(

In any case,  I was more than appreciative,  and our turn came almost at the beginning.  I went in first. . There he was in front of me! ! I was so starstruck. . He seemed to be glowing. . He didn't look tired from the concert,  he was smiling gently and looked quite pleased, his dimple was showing :) 
I guess he was happy with the final concert for 2013 :) I went to stand beside him,  I thought I was so close to him,  the photo was taken,  I said thank you to him,  and was guided out of the room. . The whole process maybe took only 10 seconds!  Then I rejoined the group and went in the second time for the group shot,  stood beside him again. I was really floating on air the whole time, not really aware of what was happening :O
Once our photos were done,  we were asked to leave the area because many others waiting to take photos. Actually I felt a bit bad for Jay because he couldn't even get to rest after the concert and had to stand there for so long for all the people to take photos. But I guess this is part of their celebrity life :(

Since we couldn't do anything much there already and Jay would be busy with photos for some time, we couldn't get near him after that, and we didn't feel right to stay on with the rest of the people to enjoy the party as it was so obvious we didn't belong :p 
We decided to leave and go for our own supper. And that was the end of my close encounter with Jay!

We left Shenzhen the next day back to Singapore, and the following two weeks were spent anticipating the photos. I finally saw the organiser posting their group shot on their FB page early one morning and immediately texted my sis to ask if she received our photos,  they were supposed to send to her :p
But she hadn't received yet. . 
In the end she got it a few days later when I was in Japan for our family trip,  and that day happened to be my birthday! ! So she posted the photo on FB as my birthday present! ! Haha.. and that is the photo on my FB  profile now :D
The funniest thing after seeing the photo.was the distance between us! ! Everyone asked why I didn't stand nearer to him,  or even try to hug him! ! 

 Kkk... Firstly if I had tried to hug him I may have been thrown out of the room and lost my photo chance. .. Secondly I really thought I was very close to him already! ! It must have been his aura. . Touching me even at a distance! ! Haha..

Well. . This was really a dream come true. . My greatest Thanks and love to my sis and her friend. . Sadly the friend has quit so no more of such opportunities,  it was really once in a life time chance :p

Now I'm looking forward to Jay's 2014 concert in Singapore. Maybe this time I'll have the chance to take a group photo with him and the JMS members! :) 
Keeping my fingers  crossed! 


Isn't that photo just beautifully perfect beyond words???
The guitar medley segment of OPUS JAY has been the fan favourite from the start of the concert tour, not least because of the singalong nature of the songs, many of which are from his earlier albums and with thirteen years since his debut, the feeling is definitely one of nostalgia.

Link to a 5-minute vid of the guitar medley:

Most of you would be familiar with the sequence of the songs in OPUS JAY already so I shall not elaborate further on that.

Instead, I shall discuss some highlights (or not) of the Sydney stop and post links to some vids from youtube.

There were a few notable points:

1. The absence of the famous ABS

Jay did not flash his 8-pack for the opening number, to the disappointment of the fans.
I was a little surprised as he had actually mentioned at the press conference that he had been working out and was feeling really good.
However, I guess in the past few months since OPUS JAY 2013 ended, as has been evident from my posts, he has not really had a lot of time to devote to bodybuilding in earnest.
And knowing Jay, if the 8-pack cannot be counted, then he would never want to show it off, given his perfectionist streak.

2. The absence of The Rooftop segment

This I was not too surprised about, as the movie is no longer relevant for the concert.

3. Jian Dan Ai and meeting the fans downstage

This is one of my (if not THE) favourite Jay songs and it appears that Jay loves to use it to come down from the stage and walk around to meet the fans!
He did it in Singapore in 2010 for The Era and again this time in Sydney.
Such a sweetheart, right??

4. Fan requests

During the encore, he let the fans request songs and they were satisfied with Nocturne and Adorable Lady!

Cannot Speak: complete song:

My playlist of vids related to his Sydney stop:

Nice review of the concert from an Australian website:

To end, guess who was in the audience at the concert? :)

Maybe that's why he made that quip about moving to Australia....

J: You guys were here in 2009? You sure?
J: You've all grown up, right? But everyone still feels very young, right?
J: Like me, right?
F: Right!
J: I don't look like I've aged five years, do I?
F: NO!
J: I actually look younger than I did five years ago, right?
J: That's right, because I worked out.
F: *laughter*
J: I feel that Australian friends are very healthy. You know why? Because I saw many elderly folks jogging and having tea after that. It feels like a very healthy way of life. It might not be a bad idea to move here, ya? ;)


Do follow my posts on the Facebook Page closely for more updates. 

More photos here:

Friday, 11 April 2014

OPUS JAY 2014 Sydney: Press conference

A press conference was held in Sydney on 9 April for OPUS JAY 2014.

Jay was his usual cool and handsome self as he answered questions about the concert and other things.

"I'm very happy to be back in Australia. I think it has been about five years since I was here last; time really flies. I'm feeling very good, although I was also very tired. But I had a good sleep and I'm looking forward to the concert and will begin rehearsals soon. 
I also hope all my fans have memorised my song lyrics so that we can sing together and allow me to bring them down Memory Lane."

Re Brooklee Han's performance:
"I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the youtube video which my fans showed me of the Australian ice skater. She had used my music from Secret and when I heard it and saw how beautiful her movements were, I was very touched. I hope my music will bring her good fortune. Although I do not know her, I think her performance was really fantastic."

"My weight control has been successful because I have a regime to follow. I feel lighter than I was five years ago and am also feeling great inside and out. I've prepared many songs, old, new, fast and slow and which are suitable for singing together. It feels less like a concert than a meet-the-fans session, which I'm looking forward to with the fans in Australia."

" Family support is very important for artistes. My mother is here and it helps me with my performance. She is resting now."

I wish I could freeze-frame every second of that video.....Jay looks soooo handsome!
Love his outfit with that criss cross neckline!
Once again, he proves that his motto is "Life is too short to wear boring clothes."
This time, the black furry sweater works. :)

On to the concert tomorrow!

More photos on my Page!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jay at Jackie Chan's 60th Birthday concert

Jackie Chan held a charity concert for his 60th birthday in Beijing on 6 April 2014 and naturally, our Jay was one of his guests in a star-studded list which included Korean pop group, EXO and Wang Leehom.

Link to news article:

Jay was the last to perform and he sang two songs, the ear-pleasing Hong Chen Ke Zhan and  a high-energy Shuang Jie Kun, throwing not just his own but his dancers' nunchucks into the ecstatic crowd!

Jackie of course had a little banter with him, revealing to the audience that Jay had written a song for him and was even going to be a backup singer.

(Audio is not that clear but the visual is okay.)

Jackie, son, Jaycee uploaded a 15-second clip....look who's in it:

I have to say I absolutely LOVED Jay's outfit at this concert!
That red jacket was hip as hell, his pants were suitably shiny but more importantly, fitting!
Thank goodness he did not wear one of those harem horrors. :P
The heavy necklace was quite a statement and of course, he wore his trademark partial gloves which matched the pattern on his pants totally.
Full marks to the stylist for this round!

For more photos from the event, check out my album on the JCD Page:

Post concert, Jay flew back to Taiwan to prepare for the next big event, OPUS JAY 2014 in Sydney, where he is due to arrive on 9 April at 06:10AM on Cathay Pacific Airways CX111 at Terminal 1.
Tweets from weibo indicated that he had been a little unwell with his back acting up again.
I hope he will be well soon.

Do follow my Facebook Page closely as there have been and will be loads happening in the run-up to the concert on 11 April and thereafter which I will be posting about as immediately and accurately as I can.

I shall end off with a photo compilation of him in that smart blue suit:


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chou Style: The Masked Man Cometh

This is one of his better-looking masked photos. 
At least, he's not wearing sunglasses and his hood is not up. 
His eclectic choice of alphabet and floral prints would look out of place on anyone else but he carries it off with coolness.
And handsome as ever. 

However, I'm not here to discuss his clothes but rather the face mask which he is frequently seen wearing, usually at airports in China and more recently, when he casually went grocery shopping with Hannah.

Another pic of him working out in the gym with Hulk and all togged up in mask, cap and hoodie led one of my JCDs to ask why he would dress like that even in the gym.

When I first became his fan, I did find it rather strange but over time and discussions with other fans, it began to appear a rather natural thing for him to do for two reasons.

1. Health

It may appear weird to Westerners and other societies who do not do this but wearing a mask when out and about is quite a normal practice in many Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Korea and also Vietnam. As such, Jay does not really look out of place when he does the same.

In cities like those in China and Vietnam, the air pollution can be very bad and the mask is a form of barrier against breathing in all the smog.
It is also a matter of courtesy and consideration for others to wear a mask when one is unwell, especially if coughing and sneezing so as to prevent the spread of germs as much as possible.
From what I know, Jay tends to catch a cold easily and it is understandable that he wears the mask to prevent himself from getting too exposed to germs and air pollution.
After all, he has to maintain his health as best as he can because of the demands of his hectic work schedule and concerts.

It is also a fact that he has ankylosing spondylitis which can flare up unpredictably and affect his well-being.
It thus makes sense that he would not want to aggravate matters by falling sick as well.

2. Privacy

Face it (pun intended):

The mask covers half the face with only the eyes exposed.
As such, the lips can be hidden and some measure of privacy preserved in public whether one is smiling or not.
Especially in China, where there are usually hordes of fans trying to get close to him, I feel the mask allows him to maintain some composure as he walks through the crowd.

It's notable, however, that when he comes to Singapore and Malaysia, he does not mask up. :)

I think his fans are all used to this and take it for granted already.

Plus we are pampered with so many beautiful pics of him everywhere sans mask that we should not complain about this minor issue. :)

Beautiful pics like these:

Go ahead....swoon on!
He's gorgeous!

If you guys have any other comments about Jay and his mask, feel free to share your thoughts below or on the Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook Page.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

DIAOness Updates: The Brain Jay #3; Love and Friends; JVR's birthday; AIMA pics

Hi peeps!

There's lots to report since my last post but my weekend was super tied-up with other happenings so this post will be somewhat compressed but I will highlight certain key moments and points.


Jay's third appearance on The Brain

The most recent episode of The Brain saw Team China squaring off against Team Germany, with the contestants once again showing off their mental and other powers.

(Note spoilers)

Of interest to note was the presence of two visually-impaired contestants.
The host, when introducing Jay also could not resist adding in a quip about being eager to check out his (Jay's) outfits every time he appeared. :)
We also see where Jay got the idea to play that dice-on-container game.

Link to the full vid which is only viewable on your PC/laptop, not mobile:

To me, the most touching moment on this episode occurred when the visually-impaired contestant, Ai Xiaowa asked to say a few words to Jay.
She said that she loved his music very much.
However, she would never be able to see him and as such, she requested for a hug.
What got me was that as she was speaking and reached the part about her not being able to see him, you could see that Jay knew what she would ask for and already started getting up from his seat to walk over to her....and gave her a nice hug and pat on the back. ;)
Just look at how elated Xiaowa was!
Totally understandable!
Isn't he such a sweetheart??

More photos from JCD Page:


Jay has been supporting needy students since 2009 and on 29 March, he attended an event to meet some of the students he had helped and pledged to continue his contributions for their basic education.

He was a little perturbed at being addressed as Uncle by one of the kids and quickly took pains to stress that he preferred to be addressed as Big Brother!
He also explained that filming Initial D was dangerous but there many cars used so it was not a problem crashing some of them.
He was so personable and a natural with the kids. :)

Link to news report:

News clip:

More photos from JCD Page:


Today is 1 April aka April Fools' Day AND the birthday of JVR!!!

Link to Jay's official Page:

Happy 7th birthday, Jay, Vincent and Yang Junrong!
Pity Jay was not there but he was apparently tied up with work.
I like the look of that cake, though....looks like jelly. :)


Finally, a series of awesome pics of His Royal DIAOness in the latest AIMA commercials....@@

There he goes with that finger!

So geekily gorgeous!

Very sharp suit!

Coolness personified!

That pose!

And as usual, he's simply sexy in shades:

Hope you guys enjoyed all that DIAOness goodness!

Anyway, do follow my Facebook Page closely, 'cos that's where I post stuff the minute I see something newsworthy.
If not, I'll be Adding pics to my albums.