Saturday, 26 April 2014

OPUS JAY: Guiyang 25042014

After a successful stop in Sydney, the OPUS JAY 2014 World Tour machine rolled on to the Chinese province of Guizhou, where His Royal DIAOness staged another of his humongous and spectacular outdoor concerts on 25 April 2014.

Doesn't he look cute at Customs?

The fans waiting for him were certainly enthusiastic, if not a little overly so:

Just look at how his bodyguards had to surround and protect him.
Otherwise, I'm pretty sure he would have been completely overwhelmed by the fans!

As usual, Jay commenced rehearsals in earnest and there was lots of cute stuff happening!

Dang! I want Danni's job!

Look at the size of the stadium!

Rare footage of Jay rehearsing Long Quan:

For some reason, Jay threw the spotlight on his facial hair this time, with him posting something via his trusty friends regarding whether he should shave or not.
In the end, he conceded that he had better do so in case the young ones at the concert start to address him as Uncle!

Well, this fangirl absolutely prefers him clean-shaven anytime.
How about you?

The concert proper:

For more pics, do click on this link:

Some nice vids from the concert:

Guitar medley:


Hong Chen Ke Zhan:

End Of The World:

Ming ming Jiu:

And the next morning, he was off!

Next stop:


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