Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Jay at Jackie Chan's 60th Birthday concert

Jackie Chan held a charity concert for his 60th birthday in Beijing on 6 April 2014 and naturally, our Jay was one of his guests in a star-studded list which included Korean pop group, EXO and Wang Leehom.

Link to news article:

Jay was the last to perform and he sang two songs, the ear-pleasing Hong Chen Ke Zhan and  a high-energy Shuang Jie Kun, throwing not just his own but his dancers' nunchucks into the ecstatic crowd!


Jackie of course had a little banter with him, revealing to the audience that Jay had written a song for him and was even going to be a backup singer.

(Audio is not that clear but the visual is okay.)

Jackie, son, Jaycee uploaded a 15-second clip....look who's in it:


I have to say I absolutely LOVED Jay's outfit at this concert!
That red jacket was hip as hell, his pants were suitably shiny but more importantly, fitting!
Thank goodness he did not wear one of those harem horrors. :P
The heavy necklace was quite a statement and of course, he wore his trademark partial gloves which matched the pattern on his pants totally.
Full marks to the stylist for this round!

For more photos from the event, check out my album on the JCD Page:


Post concert, Jay flew back to Taiwan to prepare for the next big event, OPUS JAY 2014 in Sydney, where he is due to arrive on 9 April at 06:10AM on Cathay Pacific Airways CX111 at Terminal 1.
Tweets from weibo indicated that he had been a little unwell with his back acting up again.
I hope he will be well soon.

Do follow my Facebook Page closely as there have been and will be loads happening in the run-up to the concert on 11 April and thereafter which I will be posting about as immediately and accurately as I can.

I shall end off with a photo compilation of him in that smart blue suit:


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