Friday, 17 April 2015

Diaoness Updates: Opus 2 Chengdu, Luxgen and Global Chinese Music Awards

OPUS 2 JAY: Chengdu on 11 April 2015

Jay's return to the concert scene after all the wedding and honeymoon festivities, as a married man and a father-to-be, no less!
The crowd was high and he was as lively as ever, if not more so, considering what a happy place he must be in now. :)

Playlist of vids:

Of special note:

Handwritten Past premier performance at a concert:

Fan request for Rhythm Of The Rain:

Photo album from Facebook:


Luxgen event on 15 April 2015

This was in Beijing and Jay was in a good mood, looking super dapper as he made his appearance to promote this Taiwanese car marque.

So handsome!


No vid available yet


Global Chinese Music Awards 16 April 2015

From Beijing, Jay headed to Macau for this event, at which he sang two songs, turning his performance into a mini version of OPUS JAY. :)

He also won two big awards, which I've taken the wordings from the video:

1. Asian Most Influential All-Powerful Chinese Artiste

2. China Music Best Cross Time Composing Singer

He was really cute, at one stage being asked to sing his own songs for the fans to identify and sing along!


A clearer version:

See what I mean about it being his solo concert??

More pics here:


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Diaoness Updates: MVs: I Want Summer and Rhythm Of The Rain (updated)

So it appears His Royal Diaoness is definitely NOT hydrophobic anymore! 
Just look at His Awesome Coolness on that jet ski approaching the beach at Kenting where he was shooting the MV for I Want Summer on 9 April 2015.
White top, sexy shades and that stance....omg. 
However, it transpired that there was more excitement. 


"We filmed the MV for I Want Summer at Kenting today. I was thinking of how to shoot it differently from Sunny Otaku and Ukulele and finally thought of using a jet ski...haha...when I was riding the jet ski on the water, I suddenly heard a loud noise heading towards me from behind. I ducked my head in a split second and the drone narrowly missed hitting me! Not long after that, it fell into the sea. Despite the efforts of many divers, it could not be found. It's tough on the crew. Makes me wonder if it's worth doing so much for an MV?" dear Jay! 
I'm just very relieved it was not you who fell into the water! 
You weren't even wearing a life jacket, which admittedly would have detracted from the coolness.
But safety is more important, no?
Especially in view of your father-to-be status. 
Tough luck about the drone though. 

More pics:

Hmm...that must have been the ill-fated drone! 

Behind the scenes:

News clip  showing Jay on the jet ski:


The official MV for Rhythm Of The Rain was released last night.
As far as story line goes, it was somewhat familiar but the ending, however, is seemingly happy unlike his usual. 
Note that Jay does not appear in the MV though, which made many fans quite disappointed (including yours truly).
Although he was credited with the directing together with Jennifer. 
Anyway, I do like this song very much so I just concentrate on his voice. :)


OPUS JAY resumes tonight  with the first stop in Chengdu.
More updates when available. 


I have started a new blog where I shall be  compiling news about  Jay and Hannah, in terms of their marriage and impending parenthood. More Hannah news will also be posted there and it will tie in with the Jayannah Facebook Page. 
This is also to keep this blog more focused on Jay's work. 

Jayannah blog link: 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Chou Style: Jay and Hannah are expecting!

I just knew His Royal Diaoness would find a cute and unique way to announce good news.
And he did not disappoint.


Jay posted two photos on his Facebook Page shortly after midnight which means 4 April, with the message:

"Let's see who walks better with the 'ball'."

Cryptic as always is our Jay.
And competitive...haha..

What was not so cryptic but rather simply hilarious was the photo of him with his teeshirt tightly pulled over a (most likely) basketball! 
I tell you.....every time I set eyes on that photo, I giggle and guffaw! 
Jay's facial expression is just so funny! 

Beautiful silhouette shot of Hannah!

Jay certainly found a good use for his basketball!
Hannah looks too darn cute as well! 

This one cracks me up!
("Whose is bigger?")

All I can say is that once again, Jay is a man of his word.
And it's clear that Hannah shares his sense of humour. :)

Well done, Mr and Mrs Chou!
I am so looking forward to welcoming Baby Chou into the world!
Here's to a great pregnancy and safe delivery!
Love and prayers for the THREE of you!

*happy dance*