Friday, 3 April 2015

Chou Style: Jay and Hannah are expecting!

I just knew His Royal Diaoness would find a cute and unique way to announce good news.
And he did not disappoint.


Jay posted two photos on his Facebook Page shortly after midnight which means 4 April, with the message:

"Let's see who walks better with the 'ball'."

Cryptic as always is our Jay.
And competitive...haha..

What was not so cryptic but rather simply hilarious was the photo of him with his teeshirt tightly pulled over a (most likely) basketball! 
I tell you.....every time I set eyes on that photo, I giggle and guffaw! 
Jay's facial expression is just so funny! 

Beautiful silhouette shot of Hannah!

Jay certainly found a good use for his basketball!
Hannah looks too darn cute as well! 

This one cracks me up!
("Whose is bigger?")

All I can say is that once again, Jay is a man of his word.
And it's clear that Hannah shares his sense of humour. :)

Well done, Mr and Mrs Chou!
I am so looking forward to welcoming Baby Chou into the world!
Here's to a great pregnancy and safe delivery!
Love and prayers for the THREE of you!

*happy dance*

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