Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Jay in Shanghai: Team Aiyo Not Bad; New MV; Shaun The Sheep

It's been more than two weeks since my last post as I was caught up with other activities and decided to gather the updates into one blast.
However, I did share much on the Page so I hope everyone kept up with news of Jay anyway.
After he published that photo with Baby Chou, news was that he had jetted off to Japan with his family to celebrate Hannah's 22nd birthday.

The Jay Chou Cuteness Overload has not ended.
He is so super adorable with all his funny facial expressions and spontaneous gestures!

See what I mean???

His Royal Diaoness has certainly been busy of late with The Voice Of China's recording sessions which have moved on into the 'Battle' stage, where each team will pit their members against each other and gradually have half the team eliminated.
Last Friday's episode featured Wang Feng's team.
I hear this Friday will be Jay's team, Aiyo Not Bad.
Who will stay and who will have to leave?
Can't wait to watch!

And he had A-mei to be his assistant mentor!
She had been a judge on an earlier season and has also had many collaborations with Jay in concerts, not to mention Jay has written songs for her.
In fact, he has said that Ninja was one of those songs, but she rejected it. ;)
Anyway, they have always been great friends and it is clear that they both will enjoy this latest joint venture. ;)

Love the team teeshirt!

News is also that Jay has been busy shooting a new MV for All In One Breath, involving his (lucky) students and belly dancers!
Can't wait for that to be released!
Lots of stuff to look forward to, huh? ;)

And to end off this post, today's weibo was flooded with images of Jay with the British Consulate in Shanghai, who is apparently a huge fan of our Mr Chou and was extremely chuffed to meet him and present the new Daddy with a piece of Shaun the Sheep luggage! More Cuteness Overload!
Guess it is for Baby Chou?
Or will Daddy Jay be clamouring to use it, too?? ;)

Cheerio for now!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Diaoness Updates: Baby Chou and TVOC4 Episode 4

In chronological order, actually TVOC4 Episode 4 came first but.....

That is tooooo adorable and has to be written about first.

I feel all kinds of warmth and wonderful when I see Jay cradling his little princess in his strong arms like that and the expression of wondrous calm on his face.
Very fortunately, I was online at midnight on 9 August 2015 (actually, I'm usually online at that!) and saw this from Mr J's Facebook Page about 4 minutes after it had been posted.
Along with a message from the proud father:

"My very first true Father's Day! It's such a special feeling! Wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day too!"

It was just heart-melting!
Complete with the fact that both Dad and daughter are wearing black beanies and also that beyond-cute Mickey Mouse blanket!
Someone asked why he did not use Hello Kitty.
My reply was that Kitty is too 'girl' and Mickey is cooler, apart from having a longer history. ;)
And just how many times have you ever seen a baby wearing a beanie in basic black??
They usually wear pale colours like blue, pink and yellow, isn't it?

Trust Jay to show off  Baby and yet not show anything OF!
That is true and typical Chou-style of staying mysterious and DIAO, which, I am certain fans have come to know and expect after all these years.
He managed to keep his relationship with Hannah low profile until the high-profile wedding parties and I have no doubt he will be just as, if not more, protective of his baby girl for the time being.
I feel that is a good thing and as much as we fans would love to see Baby Chou's face, we must remember that it is not our right to demand such a privilege. Instead, we must respect Jay's desire to maintain privacy for his family, which should not come as a surprise to us already.

News links:

The New Paper:


And a short summary of Hannah's Mummy Diary on ELLE Taiwan:


The Voice Of China Episode 4 was broadcast on 7 August 2015.

Here is a link for the full show:

Jay was chosen by another two students in this episode.

Another behind the scenes vid; watch Jay performing magic and the!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Jay Chou: The Voice Of China 4: Episode 2 and Episode 3

It's catch-up time here for Episodes 2 and 3 of The Voice Of China 4!

Let me clarify again that my posts about this programme are not intended to be a comprehensive write-up about all the contestants, as my main reason to watch is Jay Chou and my level of Chinese and knowledge of Chinese music in general is only fair.
Jay has been nothing short of entertaining on this show as I mentioned in my post on Episode 1.

His wit, humour and adorable antics continued on Episodes 2 and 3. :)

There are loads of super adorable pics of him on the Page album.
This is just one of many. ;)

He is the naughty youngest brother on the show:

Episode 2 (24 July 2015)

Full vid:

Harlem Yu tried to make fun of Jay's standard of English and was put in his place by Jay's cool rejoinder, without the latter having to speak a single word in that!
All Jay had to say was that he had acted in two Hollywood movies, the first of which was of course as Kato in The Green Hornet alongside Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz.

Here's the clip:

Funniest action when Jay was rejected by a contestant:

It is also very entertaining when the mentors do their best to woo the contestant to join their team,as seen in this clip which has English subtitles:

Episode 3 (31 July 2015)

Full vid:

Highlight #1

Michael Liu from USA with Nunchucks, rapping in six different languages viz English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian and German!
Jay's reactions were priceless and he was curious to hear the rap in French but still decided that Chinese was better.
He was most impressed and was even more chuffed when Michael mentioned that he first got to know Jay's music during Chinese lessons in America, so much so that he just had to go up to Michael and give him a hug. Which made Harlem protest that he had not been chosen yet!
Jay, however was not put out and once again, coolly told Michael that even if he was not chosen, the hug was worth it. ;)
The banter between the mentors is very funny!
And yes, Michael did indeed choose Jay. :)

Highlight #2

Jiang Yuan Nan sang a Chinsese style song mashed with R&B, which Jay liked.
He first plucked up courage to sing in a contest to win tickets to Jay's concert which then sparked his interest to continue. He had also received an autographed CD. :)
There was a fair amount of friendly rivalry between the mentors again but most of them felt that he had already made his choice.
Jay even 'threatened' to throw the canned drink at him if he (Jay) was not!

Highlight #3

Fangirl squeal from this sweet 17-year-old who was quite overwhelmed but grateful to have a chnace to sing on the show, calling it the best birthday present she could ever have.
At 7:00, she blurts out that this was the first time she has seen Jay in person and that he is even more handsome than he appears in photos!
Jay looked pleased but quickly changed the subject to encourage her to persevere and have self-belief, citing his own experience when he started out as a songwriter, a story which most Jay Chou fans would be familiar with by now.
For non-fans, what Jay said would have been a revelation.

Behind the scenes:

More cute images to end off:

Keep following the Page as I frequently Share from many other Pages and sites as well!


Diaoness Updates: Baby Chou, Basketball, TF Boys, Meters/bonwe Autumn commercial

Hi peeps!

Sorry for the long interval from my last post but keeping up with Jay Chou news on the Page kept me too occupied to write.
But write I must for there has been a fair amount of updates which I shall now proceed to cover in this post.
I shall cover The Voice Of China in a separate post as there are two episodes to talk about.

Baby Chou

Let's start off with Baby Chou....but before you get too excited, the photo Jay released is not quite what most fans wanted. Trust Jay and his quirky sense of humour to keep teasing us with this caricature on 27 July 2015!
Guess we are destined to wait for a while longer to see a proper photo of Princess Chou. :)


Jay loves basketball and daddy duties notwithstanding, he made time to take part in an event for Da Village on 28 July 2015 in Ximending.

Photos here:

and here:

Gym, Xuegao's birthday and TF Boys

 Being a Daddy is hard work! Jay keeps fit!

He also makes time to celebrate Xuegao's birthday on 30 July 2015.

And still be able to help TF Boys with their MV:

And more hotness....

Plus a new Meters/bonwe Autumn commercial: