Sunday, 9 August 2015

Diaoness Updates: Baby Chou and TVOC4 Episode 4

In chronological order, actually TVOC4 Episode 4 came first but.....

That is tooooo adorable and has to be written about first.

I feel all kinds of warmth and wonderful when I see Jay cradling his little princess in his strong arms like that and the expression of wondrous calm on his face.
Very fortunately, I was online at midnight on 9 August 2015 (actually, I'm usually online at that!) and saw this from Mr J's Facebook Page about 4 minutes after it had been posted.
Along with a message from the proud father:

"My very first true Father's Day! It's such a special feeling! Wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day too!"

It was just heart-melting!
Complete with the fact that both Dad and daughter are wearing black beanies and also that beyond-cute Mickey Mouse blanket!
Someone asked why he did not use Hello Kitty.
My reply was that Kitty is too 'girl' and Mickey is cooler, apart from having a longer history. ;)
And just how many times have you ever seen a baby wearing a beanie in basic black??
They usually wear pale colours like blue, pink and yellow, isn't it?

Trust Jay to show off  Baby and yet not show anything OF!
That is true and typical Chou-style of staying mysterious and DIAO, which, I am certain fans have come to know and expect after all these years.
He managed to keep his relationship with Hannah low profile until the high-profile wedding parties and I have no doubt he will be just as, if not more, protective of his baby girl for the time being.
I feel that is a good thing and as much as we fans would love to see Baby Chou's face, we must remember that it is not our right to demand such a privilege. Instead, we must respect Jay's desire to maintain privacy for his family, which should not come as a surprise to us already.

News links:

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The Voice Of China Episode 4 was broadcast on 7 August 2015.

Here is a link for the full show:

Jay was chosen by another two students in this episode.

Another behind the scenes vid; watch Jay performing magic and the!

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