Friday, 28 March 2014

The QQ Jay Chou Music Awards 2014 (updated on 12/04/2014)

Yes, it was more the Jay Chou Music Show rather than the QQ Awards Music event on 27 March 2014.

1. Multiple awards, with links to his acceptance speeches where available.

Most Popular Male Singer

Best Movie Soundtrack for The Rooftop....yaaay!!!!

Best Concert Video (I'm not too sure about which video or whether it is the concert DVD...will clarify when more info is available).

Most Multi-talented Artiste

2. He performed with Lang Lang, combining Chopin and Chou marvellously. :)

3. Shila Amzah from I Am A Singer 2 performed his song, The Longest Movie.

4. Matilda Tao performed the song he wrote for her from her new album, True or False.

5. Photo-taking and questions from the media.

Jay says he will be concentrating on his music for this year but is also eager to work on Initial D II soon and hopes to reunite with the other actors.
He was also very happy with GEM and Shila's interpretation of his songs but hopes that more singers will use his newer songs as well. :)

News clip about Jay and interview:


"This is not my first collaboration with Lang Lang. However, this was particularly stressful as it was the first time I was playing the piano WITH him. We shot an MV together previously. But this was more stressful as he is such a world-class pianist. I felt even more anxious than when I'm singing. I had to practise everyday, something which I have not done for a very long time and it brought back memories of my student days.
I felt that what we did crossed boundaries and was really great.
I was thinking of how to combine pop and classical and it occurred to me that the music in Secret and Ju Hua Tai might work...and it did, to my pleasant surprise.

When I received my awards, I wanted to encourage everyone to cooperate and make Chinese music even better and not be overtaken by other countries. Everyone can make beautiful music for a beautiful world.
My must-win streak has mellowed somewhat. Perhaps it's due to age, but of late, I prefer to work with other people instead of going solo as I did previously.

Regarding the use of my song, Nunchucks in the closing credits of The Green Hornet, I felt this was a good step forward for Chinese music and I hope that augers well for future of Chinese music.

Regarding Initial D 2:

I was very fortunate to see the draft for the sequel. However, everything is still under wraps. And after seeing the script, I feel that it is about time to shoot this movie. It has been about ten years and manga characters don't age! I'll have to work out my schedule for this year and hope to start filming soon.

I still write songs for other artistes. Last year, I released the OST for The Rooftop and it can be considered an album, albeit not a solo one.
As such, I want to release my studio album earlier this year by July so as not to keep my fans waiting too long."


As usual, I shall end off with three absolutely fantastically handome pics from his AIMA commercial:

Now to wait for The Brain which will be broadcast soon!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

JVR Updates: Gary's birthday, The Dice Game and Muscles!

Updates from Jay's official Page:

Jay and his staff recently celebrated Gary Yang's birthday with a feast in the JVR office but as work on Jay's thirteenth album continues, that was only a short respite for Gary before he had to resume his duties. :)

It was nice to see Lara there as well!

As is known by now, she has left the JVR fold and is doing her own thing but she brought a cake for Gary and the photos look nice!


Remember the dice game which I shared on my last post?

Well, Vincent Fang had a go at!

Yang Junrong did not even want to!
Good to see the three bosses of JVR Music having fun!

Vincent did not give up, however....but his moment of glory was spoilt by....?
Watch the vid!


Get an EYEFUL of these guys! 
Look at the definition in Jay's arm muscles! 
Doesn't look like he has lost anything during the break from concerts.
Wonder about his 8-pack though. ;)

Haha....I think they're all working out and gearing up for OPUS JAY 2014!

Can't wait to see his first concert on 11 April in Sydney!


There was also news about another Jay Chou-Lang Lang collaboration soon:

Looking forward to that too! 


What a spate of updates on Jay's Page since the 336 Angel's Day event!

The fans were quite overwhelmed as this was rather unprecedented.
Nonetheless, the posts were eagerly Liked and Shared with one and all hoping that such good stuff will continue. :)

Same goes for me! 

Now to watch out for the broadcast of the most recent episode of The Brain with Jay in it: paisley pants? 
Thankfully, it's a more subdued shade of pink.
But the black jacket is quite smart. 

I still like that pink double-breasted jacket from the previous episode best. :P

I shall end off with yet another swoonworthy pic of His Royal DIAOness:


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

DIAONess Updates: 336, The Brain, Fashion, Sprite, Teresa Teng, Dice

Hi all!

Sorry about the long interval between posts but I've been somewhat preoccupied with the mystery and heartache surrounding the missing MH370 plane but don't worry, if you had kept up with my posts on the Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook Page, you would have seen lots of updates and photos of the events which I shall now write up on.


336 Angel's Day event on 15 March 2014

This is the annual event for special-needs kids which JVR has organised for the past few years. Jay of course made a short appearance, after which he had to rush off to Nanjing to record another episode of The Brain. More of that below.

Jay emphasised the importance of family time and also took up a bow and arrow for a shooting 'demonstration'.

Here are a couple of vids from the event:

And some of my favourite pics:

Omg....Jay + archery + DIMPLE.... *faints*

For more pics, check out the album on JCD:


The Brain: Third appearance

Jay recorded another episode of The Brain on 16 March 2014.
Watch out for the broadcast!




More pics here:

Meters/bonwe commercial....cute!


Sprite commercial:


If, like me, you thought that the voice of Teresa Teng at OPUS JAY was computer-generated, well, it wasn't.

It was Wang Jing, a singer from the Teresa Teng Foundation who provided the vocals but I think we can all agree that she did a superb job. :)\

Here's a vid clip about her:


And the highlight of the news here?

Watch this and wonder at the coolness of Jay and the cuteness of Du Ge

Jay said he was not sure if he could perform this trick initially but realised that with practice, anyone should be able to.
Apparently, he only spent ten minutes practising. ;)

And for once, Jay posted on his Facebook Page!
See the number of Shares and Comments!
He really should do this much more often!

And of course, Du Ge practised. But what about Danni?

Watch this next vid:


Let me end off with a yummilicious pic....sorry if it's a little blurred. But there's no mistaking the coolness.



Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Jay Chou Music Effect (updated on 13 March)

Over the course of time, I cannot help noticing that His Royal DIAOness' influence is evident at and on events, thanks to his music.

Let me elaborate.

1. At the Golden Melody Awards in 2013, he was featured on a short vid showing the evolution of Mandopop, for which he was the final artiste spotlighted, to great cheers from the audience.
He then sportingly acceded to host, Matilda Tao's request for him to go up on stage for an impromptu jam session and quite literally stole the show!

You can read about it here:

And watch it here:

2. At the Golden Horse Awards in 2013, although his movie, The Rooftop did not receive any nominations and he was not present at the event, his music was still heard when Lang Lang played the Time Travel theme from Jay's Secret.

You can read about it here (but the link to the vid of Lang Lang's performance has disappeared):

3. At the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, the music from Secret was heard once again when Australian Brooklee Han used excerpts from the score for her free skate programme, thus allowing a world audience to hear Jay's beautiful music, which to me, really stood out from the usual classical pieces and showtunes favoured by the skaters.

You can read about it here:

4. At the China talent show, I Am A Singer 2, where so far, two contestants have covered Jay's songs viz:

The Longest Movie by Shila Amzah (from Malaysia):

Tornado by G.E.M. (from Hongkong)...featuring a passionate performance and rapping of lyrics from Silence!

My thoughts on these covers:

Being totally mad about Jay and his music, I think I am rather biased in that I always feel that nobody can sing his songs in the 'right' way.
But I shall cut these ladies some slack as they should also put their own spin on Jay's songs and I applaud them on their choices. Jay's love ballads (next to his zhong guo feng) definitely rank way up there as some of his best works as the melodies are so strong and memorable.
Of the two, I totally fell in love with G.E.M,'s rendition much more than Shila. :)

5. Jay Chou Night At The Rink

Yup, two whole hours of skating with a totally Jay Chou song list!

You can read about this here:

6. Other artistes who have covered Jay's songs include:

Khalil Fong with Silence:

Jacky Cheung with Clear Stars:

When I dig out more examples, I shall add in to this post.


Update on 13 March:

7. Watch this little girl dancing to Jody Chiang's Sound of Rain on another China talent show.
Jay and Vincent wrote this song about 15 years ago. :)

Long story short, I am so happy and proud to be his mad fan!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Jay Chou on The Brain: Second guest appearance

The episode of The Brain where Jay made his second guest appearance was broadcast on 28 February 2014.

You can watch it here.....quickly before it gets taken down or something.

And a translated article about the show from Jay Chou Studio:

I've only just finished watching the whole show and I must say Jay's self-deprecating humour was very endearing and his honest but kind words of encouragement to the contestants were heartening.
He has definitely matured well and of course, that eye-catching pink blazer was the icing on the cake as he looked absolutely stylish and oh-so-handsome!

For more photos, do check out the whole album on Jay Chou Diaoness' Facebook Page: