Sunday, 23 March 2014

JVR Updates: Gary's birthday, The Dice Game and Muscles!

Updates from Jay's official Page:

Jay and his staff recently celebrated Gary Yang's birthday with a feast in the JVR office but as work on Jay's thirteenth album continues, that was only a short respite for Gary before he had to resume his duties. :)

It was nice to see Lara there as well!

As is known by now, she has left the JVR fold and is doing her own thing but she brought a cake for Gary and the photos look nice!


Remember the dice game which I shared on my last post?

Well, Vincent Fang had a go at!

Yang Junrong did not even want to!
Good to see the three bosses of JVR Music having fun!

Vincent did not give up, however....but his moment of glory was spoilt by....?
Watch the vid!


Get an EYEFUL of these guys! 
Look at the definition in Jay's arm muscles! 
Doesn't look like he has lost anything during the break from concerts.
Wonder about his 8-pack though. ;)

Haha....I think they're all working out and gearing up for OPUS JAY 2014!

Can't wait to see his first concert on 11 April in Sydney!


There was also news about another Jay Chou-Lang Lang collaboration soon:

Looking forward to that too! 


What a spate of updates on Jay's Page since the 336 Angel's Day event!

The fans were quite overwhelmed as this was rather unprecedented.
Nonetheless, the posts were eagerly Liked and Shared with one and all hoping that such good stuff will continue. :)

Same goes for me! 

Now to watch out for the broadcast of the most recent episode of The Brain with Jay in it: paisley pants? 
Thankfully, it's a more subdued shade of pink.
But the black jacket is quite smart. 

I still like that pink double-breasted jacket from the previous episode best. :P

I shall end off with yet another swoonworthy pic of His Royal DIAOness:



  1. Was that a tattoo on jay arm (pic in gym)?

    1. The guy with the tattoo is not Jay.
      It's Darren.
      Besides, Jay does not indulge in real tattoos. He only uses fake ones. :)