Thursday, 31 January 2013

MV/BTS: Ukelele 乌克丽丽 and Big Ben 大笨钟

JVR has come up with seven MVs, of which I have posted five so far.

The latest one is Ukelele, a cutesy cheerful ditty with Beefcake, Beach Babes and Danni looking absolutely fabulous! It's also good to see Jay's good friend, Devon Soong (aka Dan Tou) from Nan Quan Ma Ma in an MV again...haven't seen him in awhile. :)

Gotta say Jay looks really cool, despite the funny, flowery!

BTS of the MV; I love to see Jay driving...and just look at the PINK interior of the car!!! That's just so DIAO!!!

The MV for Big Ben was released some time back but I did not post it here yet, something which I shall now rectify.

I love this jaunty number with Jay looking absolutely impish and mischievous as he strolls the streets of London! Lara is so pretty and puts in a good performance as the pouty girlfriend who throws him out and proceeds to get rid of his!
I think Jay is really  comfortable acting with her in his MVs and they make a very cute couple. :)


BTS...look out for Jay's awesome arms! Lara also laments that she did not get to go to London with him. ;)

Monday, 28 January 2013

DIAOness Updates: New MV, Aiyo DJ, The Rooftop, etc...

MV and BTS for Love You No Matter What 爱你没差 (ai ni mei cha)
These were released last week, to the delight of the fans!
I love this ballad very much 'cos of the music and the lyrics and of course, Jay's heartfelt voice. The MV is a bittersweet love story (as per Jay's style) which brings out the poignancy of the words very well. His Royal DIAOness also did not disappoint in showing off his impressive arms in a another sleeveless top for the MV. ;)

Here's the MV:

And the BTS (note Jay displaying his hair-cutting skills again!):

Jay did his second stint as a radio deejay on 25 January, whence he had Xiao Mai with him. They played a mix of songs, including American rap and hip hop, a lovely Jpop song from 1990 by Chage and Aska (Say Yes) and Jay's own songs. Quite enjoyable although I got a little fed-up at one point with the number of English songs he was spinning. :P

Vid interview about The Rooftop:
And this just in, a short clip of an interview, where he talks about how busy he was making The Rooftop.
Shooting, directing, acting and editing in quick succession, unlike other directors who would leave the editing to much later. He also composed all the music.
It was very tiring but he's not willing to let others do it and he wants to do everything himself in order to be fully satisfied with the end-product.
The movie has everything he likes: action, fight scenes, fast cars, romance, music. He wants to include all these elements.
The movie will be released in June. There will be an OST album (yaaay!). He had already written all the music for Rooftop before OPUS 12.
He loves keeping mementos from his movies. He keeps them in his restaurants, for want of a better place, which is also why he opens restaurants (lol!), also 'cos he loves to eat.

Here's a quick relook at the teaser trailer:

And I just love this pic...he has such a sweet smile! Of course, we're all dying to know who that girl is but so far, there has not been any news whatsoever. :P

First glimpse of his concert tickets for Shanghai...look how expensive they are!!

Gong Gong MV has reached beyond 4 million views on JVR's official music channel! Yippee!!!
Let's all do the Gong Gong dance!

And I'll end off as usual with some DIAO pics:

And omg...I've been waiting for this...*faints*

Saturday, 26 January 2013

OPUS 12 Goodies!


Finally got my complete set of pre-order gifts for OPUS 12!!!
Well, they cost a pretty penny but Jay's merchandise is always of a high quality and never disappoints.

The CD album comes in a beautiful wooden box:

The lyric booklet, CD and DVD:

Some of my favourite images from the lyrics booklet:

 A selection of the photo cards:


The USB biscuit tin edition:



Cloth bag!


It's such a joy just looking at those goodies!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Interview with Jay for OPUS 12

Here's a video of an interview with Jay for OPUS 12, with translations of his parts (as best as I can) below:

"I wanted to have a different look for this album, encompassing a mix of styles. For myself, I cannot pinpoint one particular style as I like to try everything."

"Even the kiddy songs have substance. It's a form of playing around with music for me. Even the kids' mums listen to my songs. So the age range of my fans is very wide."

"Some people comment that it's not possible for me to write songs as good as Silence or some of the earlier ballads but I don't agree. I think You Are Everywhere is every bit as powerful and in time to come, will have its own place."

"I regard myself as a 'greedy artiste' in that I don't want to only be a musician but also to do other things. Of course it's stressful but if you don't try, you won't know if you can do it."

"I would do a musical for a movie like The Rooftop. But I would not like to perform in a live musical as I am more of a 'studio singer' and want everything to go smoothly after a lot of practice."

"For this album, I gave myself new challenges like singing more high notes."

"There's a certain kind of loneliness in what I do, be it songwriting or editing. But I prefer it that way. I want to do everything myself because I like getting the results I see. Besides, I am responsible for the company and the staff who work here. I cannot just say I won't do anything else besides just music."

"I wanted to play a new instrument, instead of the usual piano and guitar. Hence the double bass. For a fresh new feel."

I think he has it in him to write a full-length live musical, even if he does not perform in it. And I won't be surprised to see that some time in the future.
And his sense of responsibilty and duty to his company and staff is very admirable indeed.

Keep it up, Jay!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Birthday Joy for Jay!

What a wonderful 34th birthday it has been for His Royal DIAOness, who received LOADS of well wishes and tributes on Facebook, starting on the dot of 18 January at midnight and continuing well into the day!
I'm pretty sure weibo and Chinese websites had a field day (or night) too but one thing was certain:

My Facebook News Feed had a continuous stream of updates from the groups, Pages and what-have-you which kept me up till 2am 'cos I just wanted to read everything that was posted!
Not to mention writing my own blog post and forum post on JCS for his big day. :)

Here are some highlights from 18 January 2013:

He was presented with a beautiful Rooftop cake from his staff:

Link to news article:

NB: He's too hardworking! Poor staff want to go home too, Jay! But kudos to your passion and dedication for this movie....can't wait to watch it in June!!

Gary Yang also posted on his Facebook Page:

Jay got to fulfill his wish of being a deejay...specifically, AIYO DJ on Hit FM radio in Taipei.

Here's the link for the audio, in which there are birthday wishes for Jay from Vincent, Selina Jen and Matilda Tao; he also introduces Cosmo and they sing a slow version of Gong Gong Pian Tou!

This fangirl had a wonderful karaoke session with fellow Jay-maniacs, complete with wearing a pink top and eating a pink Jay cake:

We had a hilarious attempt at the Gong Gong's NOT easy! ;)
And just sang his songs for three hours....heavenly!
The lone guy amongst us was also the best, mimicking Jay very well and even singing his own version at times!

Here's a fanmade video tribute to Jay using Sweetness (tian tian de) from an independent company, SEITEN TAISEI. They make their own cover MVs from Jay's it!!

More info about them in this forum link on JCS, where they explain about themselves and provide link to their youtube channel and Facebook Page:

I'm quite blown away by their passion and dedication and I'm pretty sure His Royal DIAOness would be too!

Here are some cute cartoon images I saw on Facebook:

And I shall end off with four new images of Mr Chou from Metersbonwe, which are technically NOT birthday-related but my friend posted them on Facebook and I simply HAVE to post them here 'cos he looks TOO DARN DIAO!!

Drool on...