Monday, 7 January 2013

MV/BTS for A Larger Cello 比较大的大提琴


JVR has just released the official MV for A Larger Cello!!

Featuring His Royal DIAOness' own inimitable stamp on 1920s big band music, it is a thoroughly enjoyable song which makes me want to get up and join in the fun!

Jay slaps, twirls and plays a mean double bass and his dancing is really sharp, not to mention his outfits and hats. His totally cool demeanour and attitude just complete the whole package.
And I love that he got Lara and Gary involved in this MV too...I could not recognise Gary at first.
Their performance is quite a breakthrough for them too as I've never seen either of them dance so much. ;)

Here's the link to the article about this MV from Jay Chou Studio:

Here's the MV:

And here's the BTS of the MV, where Jay introduces Lara and Gary, who both appreciate the opportunity which Jay gave them to be in the MV, portraying very different characters from their real selves and getting to dance! Gary says he only had two hours of practice on the day of shooting and Jay says jokingly that it is!

This has got to be THE MOST DIAO MV on OPUS 12 so far!

Now I can't wait for Ukelele and Sign Language!

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