Monday, 7 January 2013

Deja Vu, Danshui, PHANTACi and Posters

This post will be about my other Jay-related moments and experiences in Taiwan last December.

First up, I went to Deja Vu, Jay's magic-themed restaurant which was at Huashan Creative Park, a short taxi ride from our hotel. This was on the first evening we arrived, a Saturday. I had wanted to go on a weekend as I had read that there would be live music and magic performances.
As it turned out, there was more than magic and music going on that night; an elaborate marriage proposal, complete with slideshow was in progress when we arrived.

When I had emailed my reservation a month before, the staff had explained that they could not let me have the tables nearest the stage and I could finally understand why, as the proposal guests were all occupying the front. ;)
Nonetheless, the helpful manager had promised us the table as near as possible to the stage and that's what we got. :)

The Batmobile was near our table and so was the antique piano and out in the foyer, was the Pandamen motorbike! (some pics from Now News):

The young magician performing was pretty cool and I actually saw him on Taiwanese TV a few days later!
Food was good and service attentive and helpful.

After dinner, we wandered around the park and there was a free concert going on, with an all-female troupe playing traditional Chinese instruments. And to my great delight, they played Jay's Qing Hua Ci! :))

Another significant Jay-related outing was to Danshui, where Secret was filmed and where I got to visit Jay's alma mater, Tam Kang High School.
We got directions from a stallholder in Gongming Street and soon came to this:

It was then another walk up the slope to get to the school. I was really excited to see the signboard and think that this was exactly where His Royal DIAOness must have walked or cycled to get to class. :)

Here are some pics of the school grounds, which were pretty much open to the public. That speaks a lot for the security and safety of this little town.

AHH! The famous facade from the movie!!!

There were students practising marching drills and dance routines on the school grounds and also other tourists taking photos; I think it's safe to say most of them should have been fans of Jay and/or Secret. ;)

I also checked out Jay's fashion store, PHANTACi and bought a nice comfortable pair of Nike pumps:

And I found a huge stash of Jay posters in a little shop in Keelung, where initially, all I saw were posters of Show Luo and Kpop stars. I asked the shopkeeper for Jay and lo and behold! At NTD$25 each, they were a steal and I happily bought about twenty! No matter if I did not have anywhere to put them up yet; I could just take them out to look at occasionally. ;)

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