Thursday, 24 January 2013

Interview with Jay for OPUS 12

Here's a video of an interview with Jay for OPUS 12, with translations of his parts (as best as I can) below:

"I wanted to have a different look for this album, encompassing a mix of styles. For myself, I cannot pinpoint one particular style as I like to try everything."

"Even the kiddy songs have substance. It's a form of playing around with music for me. Even the kids' mums listen to my songs. So the age range of my fans is very wide."

"Some people comment that it's not possible for me to write songs as good as Silence or some of the earlier ballads but I don't agree. I think You Are Everywhere is every bit as powerful and in time to come, will have its own place."

"I regard myself as a 'greedy artiste' in that I don't want to only be a musician but also to do other things. Of course it's stressful but if you don't try, you won't know if you can do it."

"I would do a musical for a movie like The Rooftop. But I would not like to perform in a live musical as I am more of a 'studio singer' and want everything to go smoothly after a lot of practice."

"For this album, I gave myself new challenges like singing more high notes."

"There's a certain kind of loneliness in what I do, be it songwriting or editing. But I prefer it that way. I want to do everything myself because I like getting the results I see. Besides, I am responsible for the company and the staff who work here. I cannot just say I won't do anything else besides just music."

"I wanted to play a new instrument, instead of the usual piano and guitar. Hence the double bass. For a fresh new feel."

I think he has it in him to write a full-length live musical, even if he does not perform in it. And I won't be surprised to see that some time in the future.
And his sense of responsibilty and duty to his company and staff is very admirable indeed.

Keep it up, Jay!

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