Thursday, 31 January 2013

MV/BTS: Ukelele 乌克丽丽 and Big Ben 大笨钟

JVR has come up with seven MVs, of which I have posted five so far.

The latest one is Ukelele, a cutesy cheerful ditty with Beefcake, Beach Babes and Danni looking absolutely fabulous! It's also good to see Jay's good friend, Devon Soong (aka Dan Tou) from Nan Quan Ma Ma in an MV again...haven't seen him in awhile. :)

Gotta say Jay looks really cool, despite the funny, flowery!

BTS of the MV; I love to see Jay driving...and just look at the PINK interior of the car!!! That's just so DIAO!!!

The MV for Big Ben was released some time back but I did not post it here yet, something which I shall now rectify.

I love this jaunty number with Jay looking absolutely impish and mischievous as he strolls the streets of London! Lara is so pretty and puts in a good performance as the pouty girlfriend who throws him out and proceeds to get rid of his!
I think Jay is really  comfortable acting with her in his MVs and they make a very cute couple. :)


BTS...look out for Jay's awesome arms! Lara also laments that she did not get to go to London with him. ;)

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