Friday, 18 January 2013


Recognise that face?
It's one of my favourite caricatures of His Royal DIAOness, taken from the teeshirt he wore in the MV for I'm Not Worthy. My dear dear cousin was kind enough to bake a cake for me to celebrate his birthday on 18 January 2013 and she bravely gave this a go....successfully, I might add!
It's simply too cute to eat!
Confession: I'm quite hopeless in the kitchen, something I want to rectify some day... ;)

Anyway, it's already 18 January where I am (and where Jay is in Taiwan) so here's my birthday letter to Mr Chou:

Dearest Jay,

I just want to thank you for being the awesome dude you have been all these years.
Although I only got to know you two years ago, I feel like I know you so well!

Ok, perhaps I have been a tad obsessive...ok, ok...I've been obsessively obsessive and compulsive and you know what? I have absolutely no regrets!
This blog is a result of all that OCD behaviour and I'm still having loads of fun going at it!

Being your fan has definitely been the most rewarding experience ever!
Partly because I've already gotten to see you three times in Sg over the past two years, gotten to take a group photo with you and am looking forward to more encounters in 2013!
Partly because you're such a hardworking and passionate star, who delights in facing new challenges and doing new things to 'shock' your loyal fans.
Partly because I love how you have resolutely resisted having a weibo and instead chose to share stuff with us via your trusty and loveable friends.
Partly because you're such a down-to-earth celeb without any diva-esque behaviour like when you come to Singapore for your concerts, all you care about is that the rehearsals are done well so that the show goes on smoothly to make your fans happy. And reporters have always been impressed by how no-airs you are. :)

Here's wishing you a very happy and fulfilling birthday spent with your loved ones and friends!

Thank you for the music, the movies, the MVs, for being the marvellous multi-hyphenate that you are!

I'm sure you know that your millions of fans love you lots but we also worry about you lots when we see you working so hard and looking a little too skinny of late.
Please remember to take care of your health, get enough sleep and may God bless you always in His keeping!

I'll be having a karaoke session tonight with my friends and we're going to sing only your songs in celebration of your birthday and eat that cute cake in the photo. :)

Cheers and hugs,

fangirl (loves Jay) forever

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