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Jay Chou: AIYO DJ: 1 February 2013

Jay did his third stint as AIYO DJ last night on HitFM and boy, was it an enjoyable one hour indeed, as he played and discussed his own songs, using a keyboard at times and this time, he only played one English pop song....and a great one too! My favourite by Coldplay...Viva La Vida!!! I was squealing with joy when I heard the familiar and iconic intro!!

Doesn't he look so cutely earnest in the photo below, as he concentrates on his new job?? ;)

Here's my youtube playlist and some translations below:

He talks about the "WOO!" in Loveable Woman and how he started using that signature sound for his R&B songs, 'cos much of Western R&B singers do that when 'high' so he also followed! And it just stuck with him for the rest of his R&B numbers. Just listen to him "Woo!"-ing away!

He then talks about how many of the songs are similar in their chords and can thus be interchangeable. He uses Mine Mine and I'm Not Worthy as examples. To him, it's having fun with music and a challenge in a way to improvise and compose another tune with the same background accompaniment.

Haha...he says he wrote Blue Storm first but was a little miffed that it didn't seem very popular. That made him relook the song and he then wrote Fearless which did much much better and was more DIAO. :)

Question from fan: how to write a good song, as he is a composer too?
Jay's ans: Must have self confidence. You must feel happy with what you write so that others will be happy too. If you don't know any music instruments, just go to KTV, choose your favourite singer's song and try out a different melody to the background music. Because many pop songs have similar chord progressions

He gave more advice with a keyboard, demonstrating how change of chords or melody etc produces a different song...his knack for improvisation coming through. Using Qing Hua Ci as an example and he showed how the chords also fit Where Is The Promised Happiness! But you can change the chord a tiny bit and it'll just sound different. 

Another fan praises him for his multi-tasking and addresses him as Superman, but Jay says he is Music Man and talks about his MVs and says that his fans all know what he is doing in his MVs, when he ropes his friends in to be part of them :)

Introducing the Rachmaninoff intro for Dreams Activate. The classical piece is a tribute to his piano teacher. Also to remind everyone that he has his music roots in the classics. 
He then played JJ Lin's collaboration with Lang Lang, using a Liszt piece.(another one of my faves)
Piano Injury is another example.

He loves the classics and wants to introduce them to more people by mashing them with modern pop.

His parting words:  "I hope everyone enjoyed tonight's music lesson. Bye bye!"

I loved his session tonight, 'cos he was really in his element when talking about his music creation. :)

Can't wait for next week's show!

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  1. thanks I didn't know about this! I'm gonna listen to the playlist now :)