Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jay Chou: AIYO DJ on 8 February!

Jay was on-air again last night as AIYO DJ.

He talked about how he likes to use different sound effects eg ping pong balls, the chugging train here. Like for Train Of Four Seasona where he also did the arrangement for this song. 
He also played Loveable Woman again. :)

 A Larger Cello. Animal sounds for the Dutch effect. 

Plays Cowboy Very Busy.

Use of human voice...Ju Pao in every album and plays snippets to show examples
Father I Am Home
Iron Box of Island
Third Year Second Class.
Jiang Jun
Piao Yi...same laughter as Dou Niu
Hong Mo Fang
Mr Magic
Free Instructional Video
Princess Syndrome
Gong Gong 

Ju Pao is from Nan Quan Ma Ma and now his backstage staff at concerts
Vincent...the voice shouting out "Gong gong!!!"

Fan Q:

Self-directed and acted idol drama?
Will be doing Rooftop
Please support!
Plays Pandamen theme!'s actually the first time I'm listening to it properly...not bad!

Fan Q:

When is he coming to Kaohsiung?
Plays Nick Tse's song, Old it!
Fond memories of the concert where Nick made an unexpected appearance right at the beginning of the concert!
Kaohsiung concert probably end of this year or beginning of next year. 
Hopes Nick Tse will sing again, instead of being in movies.

Fan Q:

Who he thinks should win the Hit Fm...chart?
Jolin...very hardworking
End of year...himself!
Plays You Are Everywhere
Explains again about how his old songs hold a deeper place in fans' hearts and minds because of the memories associated with them. But given time, this will also happen for OPUS 12. He said the same thing during the Yahoo Entertainment interview. :)

Sunshine Homeboy for everyone
Aiyo Weiya DJ...Xiao Mai!
Jay says he can do it himself
Xiao Mai wishes everyone

What will Xiao Mai listen to over the New Year?
Classic and Popular
Jay playing keyboard a New Year song.
Starts off with a classical piece in A minor (a two-part invention by JS Bach, one of my faves)...and goes into a Chinese New Year song..improvising beautifully as usual!

He also says being a DJ is not easy, having to do multiple things at the same time.
But still jokes that it's better to be a solo host. ;)

Ends with a New Year greeting and Ukelele!




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