Monday, 25 February 2013

Jay Chou Autograph Session in Hongkong [24/03/2013]

Jay was in Hongkong for an autograph session on 24 February 2013 and as usual, drew large crowds to watch and line up for that treasured meet-up and precious signature on their albums. :)

Reports numbered the fans at three thousand strong and Jay laughingly promised to autograph last year's album in addition to OPUS 12, at which the emcee remarked that he was breaking all the rules which had been put in place for the fans. :)

So handsome!


As it was the 15th day of the Chinese New Year aka Yuan Xiao Jie, Jay partook of some traditional tang yuan as befitting the occasion.


Jay also thrilled the crowd with his performance of Hong Chen Ke Zhan (Red Dust Inn), where he made sure to greet all the fans who were on the upper levels. :)


And then came the autograph session proper where Jay walked down from the stage to sign for wheelchair-bound fans. :)

Look how earnest he is when signing...oh and here's DIMPLE ALERT YET AGAIN!!!!!!

And here's what the signed stuff looks like: *envy*

Fancam vid of Jay signing:

And here's a lovely shot of His Royal DIAOness to end off...le sigh....lucky HK fans!

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  1. DJ Vani is one lucky lady for being able to get so close with Jay (3rd pic). But cannot be jealous with her because she is the one who responsible to make Jay become big n popular in Hong Kong. That's why Jay always appreciate her.