Thursday, 14 February 2013

My OPUS 12 Piano Covers

One major reason I love OPUS 12 so much is the number of beautifully melodius songs on the tracklist, which is a far cry from Exclamation Mark and also a little more than for his other albums.
In fact, for Exclamation Mark, I did not even have any inclination to sit down at the piano and work out the music by ear. The only two songs there which were possibly suitable were Mine Mine and How Are You.
But somehow, the urge to play them on the piano was just not there.
For one thing, I found it quite challenging trying to work out the chords for How Are You. 

But for OPUS 12, it was completely different.
I know some fans who were not happy with the number of ballads on the album, preferring instead that Jay should have had more edgy rap songs.
But the majority of his fans (including myself) love his ballads and slow songs, which are also definitely more play-able on the piano so it has been quite a joy for me to work out the melody and accompaniment for five of the  songs from OPUS 12 and I would like to share them here.

Hope you guys enjoy listening!

This is my playlist on youtube (but I'm also posting the vids separately):

哪里都是你 na li dou shi ni You Are Everywhere.

明明就 ming ming jiu:

爱你没差 ai ni mei cha Love You No Matter What:

手语 shou yu Sign Language:

红尘客栈 hong chen ke zhan Red Dust Inn:

Added on 19 Feb:

大笨钟 da ben zhong Big Ben


  1. Do you share any music sheets? I love your hong chen ke zhan! It's my favorite song in this album and possibly of any Jay song!

    I also prefer Jay's slow songs, not that his rap songs arent good (I love Jay's songs). I also feel like exclamation mark wasnt his finest work...but he really stepped it up with opus 12

    1. My personal fave to play from OPUS 12 is You Are Everywhere.
      Glad you love my hong chen ke zhan!
      I'm afraid I played all these by ear so there are no music sheets.
      You play the piano too? :)

    2. I's the only instrument I can play but I love it :)
      I love how you can listen and just play, I can only distinguish the melody not the accompaniment.

    3. Hmm...I can probably give you the chords for the accompaniment. Then you just work out the melody and play the chords in the left hand and take it from there.
      Would you like that?

    4. I would love that! Thank you so much :)