Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DIAOness Updates: Concert, DJ, Grandma,

So what else is new??

Ticket sales for His Royal DIAOness started on the morning of 19 February 2013 at 10am.
Which in the natural order of things soon led to frustration and confusion for some fans (who were unsuccessful in getting them) yet for others, there was overwhelming relief and unbridled joy after getting their eager hands on those precious pieces of paper.

Methinks the organisers should have just outright booked him for three shows with allowance for a fourth...which would also very likely sell-out. ;)
However, it must be noted that some of those who bought up the tickets were selfish and profiteering scammers who proceeded to put up the tickets on ebay and other sites for atrocious prices.
I'm not sure what the organisers could possibly do about them, though, as desperate fans would be willing to part with their money for these black market tickets if they were simply unable to get them through proper channels.

We shall now watch and see what happens next Tuesday.

Jay had another DJ-ing session on Chinese New Year's Eve where he played songs by The Drifters, Cindy, Lara and Selina Jen in addition to his own. :)

And an endearing report about how he spent Chinese New Year:

Jay declined to perform for CNY eve concert to spend time with his grandma in Xinzhu as she does not travel around much ever since her fall from a bus two years ago. So he has been going there for the past two CNYs. His mum prepared about 200 signed photos for relative, friends and neighbours.
His appearance there attracted hordes of neighbours who wanted to have their photos taken with him and it became a huge photography session for more than an hour.
Jay graciously agreed and did not refuse anyone.
He said he was not tired. Of more concern to him was that his grandma is well and happy.
Re his 8pack, he was not worried about the CNY feasting as he will resume his exercise regime after this to maintain his physique. :)


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