Friday, 20 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 19092013 (EnCoco and HUGS!)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival at OPUS JAY and Jay made it special by singing Moonlight On The Rooftop and changing the lyrics at the end to wish everyone!

Wasn't that so sweet??

I love that blue suit more and more too!!

Anyway, there we were, all trying to out-guess each other as to who Jay would get as special guest on the sixth night of OPUS JAY.

Eason? Nicholas? Aaron? Karen? Yadayadayada....

And in the end, His Royal DIAOness outwitted us yet again by re-inviting.....Coco Lee!

They sang Actress Versed In Swordplay (dao ma dan) again and there was a little bantering again (translations below the link):

Coco and Jay get an audience member on stage and he immediately proceeds to hug!

Coco teaching Jay Cantonese:

Coco says the fans missed him and wanted him back.
She teaches him to say "I miss you all very much" in Cantonese, which Jay obediently repeats and then adds his own "Do you all miss me too?" in!
Coco: In Cantonese "I love you."
Jay: Wah...that's a little romantic! I only say that to my mother. She is here tonight. I should say "I like you very much."
Coco: I really like you....and you should add in a 'Kun Ling'!
At which Jay promptly falls back in surprise but quickly regains his composure.
Jay: I want to know, what is the difference between 'I love you' and 'I like you very much'.
Coco: You must add in a Kun Ling.
Jay: Hey...your husband is here today. Can you stop behaving like that??
Coco; My whole family is here. They are with your mother. Because today is a very special day, being the Mid-Autumn Festival and you have chosen to spend it here in Hongkong! Is everyone very happy? :))

The best highlight of the night had to be the hug which Jay gave a female fan.
A most unusual occurence. :)

 On to the next night!

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  1. If the stage in Singapore can be that close to the seats like those in HK, maybe this could be possible next time :)