Saturday, 7 September 2013

OPUS JAY:Taipei: OMG Moment #2: Teresa Teng!

Yup, you heard me correctly.

Teresa Teng....THE late Teresa Teng, only like the most famous and loved Taiwanese songbird who passed away in 1995, at the relatively young age of 42 from an asthma attack. Jay was 15 at that time and would no doubt have been very familiar with her songs.

At OPUS JAY in Taipei last night, he mentioned that he often wished he could travel back 30 years in time to sing a duet with her.

Well, with the use of the latest technology (which is too complicated for this fangirl to explain here), he managed to fulfill his wish at his so:

Wasn't that simply amazing??
I tell you, the first time I watched it, I could not believe my ears when he said her name.
And I thought it was special guest Stef Sun doing something again.
But of course, I soon realised it was indeed 'Teresa' herself....and decided that it had to be some form of technology which Jay had utilised.
Knowing his penchant for trying out new stuff to thrill his fans, this actually did not surprise me one bit when I read more information about this special effect.

A more detailed explanation from The Herald Online:

So now you know.

I'm still thrilled and touched beyond measure with the performance and cannot help abusing my replay button...well, until the official MV for Sign Language comes out, anyway. ;)

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