Sunday, 8 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Taipei: OMG Moment #3: Guess who??

This was another lovely OMG moment on the first night of OPUS JAY in Taipei, when a mysterious masked fighter emerged during The Rooftop segment....and was unveiled at the end of the Fight Dance: was none other than Stefanie Sun from Singapore, who has returned to the music world after having had her first child.
She was looking really svelte and Jay complimented her on how lovely she looked. There was good-natured banter between the two of them.
Jay said that she was here alone so all the guys in the audience would be happy.
Not to be outdone, Stef teased Jay about his 'single' status and Jay replied that all his female fans were his!
Jay revealed that when he first approached her to be his guest and wanted to play piano for her, Stef declined as she wanted something different and wanted to fight instead...which Jay was totally agreeable to.
She also wants him to be her guest at her concert....and Jay replied that he would also want to do a fight!
He then suggested that she sing another song as she had apparently 'stolen' his first time (referencing when she won the GMA for Best Newcomer, instead of him many years ago).
Jay said he wanted to test her and could she sing a song from his first album?
Stef replied: "Bring it!".
Black Humour follows. ;)

Stef's performance of Black Humour and duets with Jay on Secret and her own song, Meet:

Some nice pics of Jay and Stef:

And here's a nice Then and Now pic of these two superstars...courtesy of Jay Chou Vietnam.
How beautifully they have blossomed over the years!


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