Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Other fancam vids from OPUS JAY Taipei

There are some nice fancam vids from OPUS JAY in Taipei and I shall post whatever I can find least the better ones.
This is a work in progress depending on what comes out on youtube so do keep checking back.

I love this one of Fine Day; it's a little shaky but the sound is good and when it's steady, the image is sharp. Good view of his dimple and new blue suit. I still prefer the pink shirt and navy overalls but he looks gorgeous nonetheless!

Cannot Speak....also quite clear. :)

Silence (An Jing) from a distance:

Edited vid of Ukulele from the second night:

Opening with Exclamation Mark and Dragon Fist:

Some nice pics:

And here's a droolworthy and faint-inducing pic for you:

Like I said, I'll post more vids when I see them!

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