Sunday, 15 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong short interview

Jay in a short Q and A session at OPUS JAY his cool shades!
Translations below the link:

Re his abs and the limited time he spent exposing them:

J: If I show them too much, it would become scary (lol). Just enough will do. But yes, I did work out very hard for them so, what do you say? Maybe I should just go bare-topped? (to much laughter...but hey! I want to see you completely topless, Jay!)
Actually, for the first song, I have to expend a lot of energy and the lighting effects have to be just right to highlight the abs. I have to concentrate on all this (watch him at cute!) so after that song, I put back on a top and can relax a little more.

Re whether his rumoured 'girlfriend' was in HK:

J: I don't have a 'girlfriend'; I have many female friends. Many of my artiste friends will also be here. The one you are referring to is not here, so please relax and chill (lol!).

Re Faye Wong and Li Yapeng's divorce:

J: I was shocked to hear about it. It will be big news for tomorrow. So you guys write about that first, before talking about me. :)
My parents are also divorced. So I always feel that it's best for the children to have a whole family. There are too many single parent families now so I hope my artiste friends will have strong and happy marriages.

Re his own ideal family:

J: (obviously trying to deflect from the topic)....let me first sing good songs! :)


  1. "The one you are referring to is not here, so please relax and chill (lol!)."

    He's acknowledging his 'rumored" girlfriend?

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