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OPUS JAY: Hongkong 17092013 (Young, Dangerous and a baby)

17 September 2013 sure was special!

Part One

OPUS JAY in Taipei had its Rooftop guest in Stefanie Sun as the  masked fighter and what a success it was!

Hongkong was not to be outdone, however, and on the fifth night, the lucky Hongkong fans were treated to yet another version of the Fight Dance with not just one additional figher but...FIVE hunkilicious guys from....Young And Dangerous!

The screams and cheers that erupted were defeaning and it was clear that Lang Zi Gao had scored a coup by having new buddies to battle with the Rooftop!

In a nutshell, Darren challenges the Hung Hing Brothers to a fight and Jay sings as they proceed to defeat the baddies!
(I'll try and translate what they said but I can't quite make out some of the words so I'll do whatever I can.)
After the fight, they 'report' to Jay and address him as 'Dai Lo' (Cantonese for Big Brother). :))

J: I'm very happy; they (Darren and Co) have all been scared off!
They invite Jay to stand in the middle to chat.
J: Your attitudes were awesome.
C: It's your stage, your movie and your music are awesome too.
Jer: Actually, that is why we are here today.
E: You must have been very busy at that time. (addresse the audience)...he had promised to write me a song ten years ago. He must have been too busy and forgot so that's why I am here collect a debt. :))
Jay laughs!!
J: Ten years ago? Right...I remember now.
Jer: That's why we are hoping that you will repay us on 7 to 10 November here in the Coliseum.
J: They have a concert here in November...will you guys be here to support them??
J: May I ask you guys, at the concert, will each of you be singing individually?
C: You ask this because you are worried?
J: I am a little worried because he (Chin Ka-Lok) was my stunt director on The Viral Factor. I'm just wondering whether a person who fights can sing as well.
C: You'll have to come and watch.
Jer: He cannot just come and watch. He must come and sing!
J: Let's give it a try now. The piano is here. Whatever I play you must sing...that okay?

He then plays the intro to Age Of Friendship, the theme song of Young And Dangerous...and all join in!

Gosh...I am not that familiar with Young And Dangerous but I do know who Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan are!

Ekin is one of the HK actors I admire and I recently watched him in Saving General Yang, where he shone as the handsome and manly Eldest Brother. *swoon*

Jay has written a song for Jordan viz Waste Of Space, which Jay sang marvellously in Cantonese at his Incomparable concert in Hongkong many years ago.

Just look at these hotties!

Part Two

So as if five hunks was not already enough, Jay went on to thrill the fans even more with the introduction of a SECOND guest!

He asked if the fans were high and stated that every night had to be different and even higher than the previous show.
He then introduced his musicians, went into his B-box routine and had Yu Shin sing Black Humour.

He then said he would sing a song he had never performed in a concert....NINJA!

And who should appear on stage but....Angelababy!!
(She is a well-known self-professed fan of Jay and he has also written a song which she sang for the soundtrack of a recent movie, The First Time. She was also one of the dancers who performed with Jay in his 2007 concert.)

She sang and danced flirtaciously with Jay, bringing on the screams and cheers.

J: Wow! You sang Ninja pretty well! Isn't she lovely? You have listened to my songs since you were young?
A: Yes. From your very first album. Twelve years ago.
J: You were a student then?
A: Yes. Hey...any of you are like me, having followed him from the very first album??
Fans cheer!
J: Hmm...actually, this sort of feeling is not very good. I now understand 'cos it was the same when Grasshopper was here last night and I also told them the same thing! I now know how they felt!

A: I know how to sing all your songs.
J: Are you certain?
A: Yes.
J: Good. I'll let the fans test you by choosing a song.
Fans yell Nunchucks...

And sing Nunchucks they did!!! High to the MAX!!!


Absolutely loved Jay's outfit, though!
Everything about it worked...the stunning jacket, the fitting pants and those shiny shoes.
He looked really good! 

But Jay definitely knows how to keep fans on their toes with anticipation of his guests every night and all five shows have had their WOW moments thus far.

Can't wait for the final four concerts! 

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