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OPUS JAY: Taipei: OMG Moment #4: Coco cops a feel and more!

On to the second night of OPUS JAY and the guest was none other than the sexy and voluptuous Coco Lee, for whom Jay has written a song for.

It was a lively and entertaining performance, made more so by Coco's cheekily flirtacious moves with Jay during the dance when they sang Dao Ma Dan  (Actress Versed In Swordplay (刀馬旦)).

Here is a news clip of them and the bantering part is at about 1:38 onwards but this is's really funny and Jay is sooooo cute! Translations of the full banter which I did when the full vid was up are below the link.

C: come you're getting more and more handsome? (Jay laughs self-consciously) All you Jay the most handsome of all? Who do you love the most? (audience yells "JAY!")
J: Aiyo!
C: I love you the most, too, do you know?
J: laughing again
C: Let me tell first time was given to you.
J: Oh ho ho...(wondering what she means)
C: Yes, 'cos I heard you say something about first times with Stefanie last night...
J: No, no, no...let's forget about that...
C: Which reminded me of the first time that we....
J: First time? (still wondering what she's up to)
C: Let me clarify. It was a most unforgettable day. Very very unforgettable was the very first time I collaborated with Jay Chou and the first time I got to know his zhong guo feng songs. 
J: Right!'re right! (probably feeling extremely relieved!)
J: In fact, now that we're talking about first times, you were the guest star at my very first concert! Everybody applaud! Wow! It has been 12 years! And you're as beautiful as ever...
C: Oh,...thank you! Do you say that to all your guests?
J: Oh no...every guest is different! One has become a Mum and yet looks just a lovely. And you are just as lovely after 12 years! I must say, we have not changed much and are still as young as ever, right??
C: But my status has changed...I am now a married woman...and what about you?? (looking at Jay meaningfully)..when will it be your turn??
J: I don't know...I have to sing for my fans. So I have to be more lively(?)...*starts swinging his arms awkwardly, obviously not knowing what else to say* (he looks soooo funny here...LOL!!!)
J: Now I'm working out on my fitness, I'm not talking about my single status.

NB: At this point, I have to mention that Jay's statement was a pun on the Chinese words for working out 健身(jian shen) and singlehood 单身(dan shen)...which was really witty and I applaud him for his quick thinking and recovery. :)

C: Working out?
J: Yes! I remember for my first concert, I saw that Coco had a good figure and there I was, doing pushups backstage with Will Liu as I was very skinny then but it did not make any difference then.
But now it is indeed different. *makes a strong man movement with his shoulders and assumes a strong stance*
C: I can't see your 8-pack today. Do you guys want to see his 8-pack?? I don't only want to see, I want to feel them! Can you give me a chance to feel them? Can you take off your shirt?
J: No, no, no....I already did that at the beginning and I'll catch a cold soon if I do it again. *hahaha* But you can have a feel now and see the difference between this and 12 years ago.
Coco feels his abs wonderingly....
C: Wow! Wow! Wow! I did it! I felt them!! Wait...who wants to come up here and have a feel too??
They then walk slowly down and Jay points out a member in the audience, who looks quite pretty...and..
C: Is that your wife?
J: Oh no!!! These are all my fan-friends! You know, this is not enough.
C: You mean I can feel your abs a little more?
J: Oh no...I didn't mean that! But I feel that one song is not enough. Shall we sing together again? Try and guess what song?

Wu Ding and Dao Ma Dan:


And here's another Then and Now pic:

Gotta love Coco Lee!

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  1. I love how Jay was so stunned by what Coco said when he was pointing at a cute!! Thanks for the translations by the way! :)