Saturday, 14 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 13092013 (Double-J I)

And the OPUS JAY juggernaut rolled into Hongkong for the opening show on 13 September 2013!

I was still going gaga over the Sign Language MV but the Jay Chou fandomising just had to go on.

Before I knew it, pics and vids were popping up all over my News Feeds and it was a mad process of saving, sharing and posting all over again.

And on top of that, I got an EXTREMELY WONDERFUL piece of news at midnight which made me and all the Jay fans in Singapore and Malaysia all agog with excitement.
More of that later.

For now, let's go on and see what Jay had for us on the first show!

Behold all the well-wishing flower arrangements that His Royal DIAOness received from his friends in Hongkong!

Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Coco Lee, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau....and the list goes on!

Needless to say, a rocking good time was had by all, Jay and fans and of course, his guest star.

Let's look at his other performances first.

Here he is, in his snazzy blue suit singing the guitar medley:

Qing Hua Ci:

He also had a new purplish-pink outfit for the opening number:

Ming ming jiu:

Listen To Mama's Words and End Of The World:

All The Way North:

And yes, here are the vids and pics you guys REALLY want!

His guest was Julian Cheung Chilam, an award-winning actor and singer.
They sang the theme song from Chilam's TV series, Triumph In The Skies II, followed by Silence.
I love Jay's salute after he sang the Cantonese cool! 

Chilam said that he had called his mother after rehearsing with Jay and told her about his collaboration with Ah Jay and that he felt that he had succeeded. :)
And when Jay asked him if he knew any of his (Jay's) songs, Chilam charmingly replied that if any person did not know Jay's songs, said person must have some!
The best part was when Chilam took out his mobile and snapped a selfie with Jay! 

I shall post several links as there are different views and quality.

10-min full version:

Another view of the duet...can see Jay's face a little better:

Yet another good view:

More pics to enjoy:

The SELFIE!!! Super love this shot! 

 Mr DIAO and his blue shades:

Taking the selfie:

How about some backstage fun? ;)

Gotta say the Hongkong concerts seem even more riotous than the ones in Taipei.
Maybe it's the proximity of the audience to the stage.
Or just the Hongkongers themselves.

Whatever it is, I am so looking forward to another eight awesome concerts to report on and lose sleep over. :)


  1. I realized that one of the video for "Listen To Mama's Words and End Of The World" was lead to "Yi Lu Xiang Bei" instead? Is that an error?

    Thanks for sharing the videos anyway! :)

    1. Oh are correct!
      My bad!
      Thanks for pointing it out!
      Have edited the links and added in All The Way North separately.

      Check it out again!