Monday, 23 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 21092013 (To Bee or not to Bee??)

 This will be a short post.

So on the penultimate show of OPUS JAY in Hongkong, this fangirl FINALLY got one guess of Jay's guest correct!

But first, how about a backstage pic, via Kevin Lin:

Hehe...doesn't Jay look just awesome??

Back to the guest star.

Yes, the spotlight for 21 September 2013 was thrown on Kenny Bee, aka B-Ge, who played Xinai's father in The Rooftop.

I knew either him or Eric Tsang would be one of the guest stars (after The Rooftop) and since Kenny is also a good singer, it stands to reason that Jay would have chosen him.

He sang the song If , an evergreen love ballad from the 1970s and which was used in the movie.

And a duet with Jay on Ju Hua Tai:

Beautifully done, ya?
I love it when Jay harmonises with his guests on duets...always in tune!

And a breathtaking pic to round off:


And one of the BEST and most mesmerising pics from OPUS JAY thus far... *faints*


On to the final show!

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