Tuesday, 10 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Taipei: Press conference

After the triumphant finale of OPUS JAY in Taipei Arena on 8 September, JVR held a press conference and dinner to thank the staff and everyone involved in the hectic and whirlwind three days and nights of the concerts.

NB: The vids have been removed from youtube due to legal issues.
But I found links to sinavideo. :)

Yang Junrong's speech to thank everyone and explain that the Taipei concerts are always the most difficult to manage as the expectations of the home crowd are always very high:

Jay's speech:
He thanks all the staff, crew and media and says he always wants to do something different for Taipei.

Champagne and toast!

Jay posing for the cameras and looking so handsome and dapper in that suit....omg, I love it!

Jay fielding reporters' questions, surrounded by microphones galore as usual. I'll try and translate as much as I can, below the link:

Re how he was feeling after three concerts:
"I feel very relieved, like a rock has been lifted off my back. I feel that the stress level was really too much, especially in Taipei. I can finally have a good meal tonight."

Re his strength and stamina:
"I think my stamina improved with each successive concert. I exercise because of my concerts, as I hope to be able to continue performing until I'm in my forties and fifties. Tonight's concert was really high and I feel for the media who have to stay till the end. When I get home, I do read your reports, my mother is also very happy. Many people have worked very hard to achieve something seemingly impossible."

Re his duet with virtual Teresa Teng:
"I felt it was a very innovative idea and was honoured to be able to do that, although I felt some stress singing her song, in case I did not sing it well. But it was nice that everyone from young to old could sing along and was a very moving experience. My family members like this song and I have heard it from young. This song probably has more selling power than mine!"

Re his guests:
"Thank you to my guests, Stefanie Sun, Coco Lee and Mayday. I feel that working with other musicians generates a lot of 'fireworks'. Each of them had something special eg Stefanie seldom comes to Taiwan and when she unveiled her mask, it was really something. And Coco was my guest at my very first concert twelve years ago.
As for Mayday, although we have been in the industry for more than ten years, we have never collaborated. So that was another special point and they have a very good vibe at concerts. I want to do more of these live concert collaborations with other musicians. I think we almost exploded the Taipei Arena this time! We were jumping alot during the last song as it also tied in with the title of the song, which was Jump(ing off the Earth). My stamina for the last concert was the best. Plus there were many other artistes in the audience, which also made me feel anxious. I want to thank them for coming and would love to work with them more. Eg JJ, Jam Hsiao."

Re his physique and appearance whilst dancing:
"One song can be quite long and requires a lot of energy! I also need to make sure the lighting is correct to emphasise the right areas of my abs. AFter that song, I put on a top and can afford to relax a little more."

Re more cool stuff:
"I think there will be more>"

Re his single status, as to his quip with Coco:
"I think the media misunderstood. Let's move on from this topic." (bringing the questions to a stop every time there's mention about this or his love life)

Re celebrating with friends (the reporters obviously trying to get in a question about 'her'):
"Yes, I'll definitely celebrate with all my good friends. You guys have had a rough time too. Thank you very much!"

LOL at his sidestepping of all queries which even remotely touch on his love life.
Good on you, Jay!
I think he has learned how to close off that topic effectively when faced with the inevitable nosy reporters. :)

And here are some beautiful pics:

Okay, gotta go.
I have massive eye strain again after two blog posts tonight.

Now to watch out for news of him travelling to Hongkong soon!

Update: (this vid survived the cut, though!)


Jay talks about Teresa Teng's influence on the Chinese music industry and how he has always wanted to travel back in time to sing a duet with her. A song is like a time machine. With the technology now, he could not only do that but also allow her to sing his songs. He feels very honoured to be part of this.

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