Saturday, 7 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Taipei: OMG Moment #1: SIgn Language MV!!!

Yes, my dear friends.

OPUS JAY kicked off with a bang yesterday at the Taipei Arena and of course, this fangirl was standing by her phone and laptop all ready to report on what new wonders His Royal DIAOness was going to thrill us with.....

And I was not disappointed!

News was filtering out on Facebook that the MV for Sign Language was being unveiled and pretty soon, pics were flooding my News Feed, followed by a 15-second snippet and then finally, a fancam of the whole MV.

Wow! Just. Wow!

I love it!

Here's a link to a fancam version to enjoy whilst we wait for the official MV from JVR:

And some pics:

I love this song and the MV has certainly made my day!
I saw it the first thing when I woke up this morning and unfortunately, was caught up with errands to run and could only watch it once quickly, post it on my Facebook Page and only now settled back down to savour it more fully.

Admittedly, I was initially a little peeved that JVR did not release this simultaneously on their youtube channel; I felt it was unfair to his legions of fans who could not make it to Taipei for the concerts. But my unhappiness did not last long as I realised that he always wants to save something special for his Taipei concerts and this was one of them (the other will be covered in my next post).
I'm sure he had his reasons for this and anyway, the fancam version is good to tease us whilst we wait.

What do I love about it?

First off, the song is one of my favourites from Opus 12 and also one of my faves to play on the piano.
I love the mood and feel of the song, including the lyrics, which are super romantic especially the last bit which says "I might as well kiss you once more"....omg!

The MV is very tastefully conceptualised and shot, with that elaborate piano, the special lighting and effects and of course, I always like to see Jay waving his beautiful hands about in various gestures like in Mine Mine and when he performs magic.
It was so cute when he fashioned the actress in the MV out of those it sets the tone that it's sort of a fantasy thing and she's not real...which I think, makes it easier for his female fans to tolerate.
It was also nice that both of them were nicely blond and complemented each other very well.
She is also a change from the usual long-haired models he usually favours.
Jay had very sweet and cute smiles in this MV and she, on her part, looked at him very lovingly, yet sweetly.
And of course, Mr Chou went shirtless, as expected...but with the interspersing shots of him fully clothed, this was just enough to tantalise us and yet not overwhelm our senses with his awesome abs and pecs. :)

I have to say that Jay Chou's MVs are never sleazy, even if they involve scantily-clad girls and he never overdoes any of the touchy-feely aspects. I like it that way.

All in, I am satisfied with the MV and now I have to decide whether to keep watching this fancam or wait for the HD official version.....

Your thoughts on this MV?

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