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OPUS JAY: Hongkong 16092013 (JAY-HOPPER!)

It was uncharacteristically quiet on Facebook on the fourth night of OPUS JAY Hongkong and although I kept rechecking my News Feed, there was no word of anyone going to the concert or posting updates unlike the previous three nights when there were not a few photos or Status reports about being at the Hongkong Coliseum.

But before long, the word was trickling in about the special guest for 16 September 2013, and to my utter delight, it was....

Aka 草蜢!

That's the group with Devon Song.
These are three really lively guys whose concert I attended in 2012 and thoroughly enjoyed as they were really entertaining and fun; although I did not know that many of their songs, it did not matter as this group of Hunkles put up a great show and I hope they return for another gig soon.

From left:
they are Remus Choy Yat-Chi, Devon Song, Calvin Choy Yat-Kit, Edmond So Chi-Wai.
Remus and Calvin are twins.

Here is a link about them:


Actually, in a conversation with a friend, Win, a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about Jay's guests for his concerts and she jokingly mentioned, "Maybe he'll get Grasshopper!"
(Win is from Hongkong and we were at the afore-mentioned Grasshopper concert in 2012 together with another two friends.)
I say 'jokingly' because we did not really think he would!
After all, he has never written a song for them and had no known association with them either.

So it was with great glee that I messaged Win last night and shared all the vids and pics with her. :))

But I digress.

Let us return to these fellas and here is the link of their whole performance with Jay, where they appeared and joined in when he was singing Tornado (to the rapturous cheers of the home crowd!) and after bantering with Jay, where Calvin engineered his agreement to write a song or two for Grasshopper, Jay did his B-Box thing and the four of them got into the swing with the Samba Dance!
Absolutely fantastic!

I will provide a translation of their banter below the link 'cos they were really cute and funny!


Starts from where Jay speaks: (C=Calvin, R=Remus, E=Edmond)

J: Wah! This is such a moving moment, to have Grasshopper singing Tornado. Aren't they awesome?? Not to mention everyone singing together.
C: When my assistant told me (in an aside in Cantonese to the audience: I must speak Mandarin here for our host) we were asked to be your guests, I was very happy because she said that after we appear on your show, you would write a song for Grasshopper. (at which point Remus and Edmond are convulsed with laughter and the audience of course roars their approval!).
What do you guys think about Jay writing a song for Grasshopper? (asking the audience)
He must write a fast song!

Jay, meanwhile looks surprised but happy.

J: I would be honoured! Of course I must. A song which is fast-paced and high.
C: So that's a promise?
J: Of course it's a promise! Everyone here has heard it. :)
(Audience cheers!)

J: Actually, it's not just me. I think everyone here has been influenced by (makes a hand movement referencing one of Grasshopper's songs). That's why I must compose a very lively dance number for you. Let's have some B-Box...

And Jay goes into his B-Box routine...

J: Is that okay? Can I write something like that for you?
C: We like it very much.
J: I feel that fast songs are more suitable for Grasshopper but...how about a slow song? What do you think?
C: One fast and one slow...WOOHOO!!!!
(Audience again cheers hysterically!)

J: Today is a very significant day, because the next song we are going to perform is even more significant than my own.
R: Why??
J: Why? Because I seldom have such a tiring time during rehearsals. I usually have time to go out and about in the afternoons (in Mandarin it's 逛街, literally meaning stroll through the streets)...'hang kai' (in Cantonese). But because I knew you guys were coming, I did not dare to go out. Seriously, rehearsing for my own songs is not as tiring as yours! So everyone must watch carefully, as I have done some rearrangement...(band starts up...)

And they go on into this awesome Samba Dance 忘情森巴舞 wang qing sen ba wu!!


Omg...I totally love that performance by JAY-HOPPER...lol!!!

I mean, how often does Jay dance with any other group except for his own dancers??
I don't think I've seen that in any of his earlier concert vids, 'cos his guests are usually soloists and even for Mayday, there was no actual dancing involved...they'rea rock band after all!
Oh...yes, he did dance with Aaron Kwok before but that was a very short and simple routine. ;)

Jay was really high, prancing about the stage and hopping onto the podium near the audience.
It was also good to see 'cos it also meant that his back condition was much better. :)

I cannot help chuckling when I watch JAY-HOPPER and at the same time, I'm also blown away by how energetic the trio of Remus, Edmond and Calvin are, despite the fact that they are at least ten years older than Jay.
I'm sure he would want to have that sort of agility too, when he's in his forties, which is what he always takes pains to emphasise in interviews when asked about his performing career in the future.

Here are some nice pics to share:

At rehearsals:

Calvin getting Jay to write a song for Grasshopper:

I super love this one of their POSE!!!

Pics of Jay getting HIGH!

Omg...I'm still high too!

Remus and Edmond tweeted pics of themselves with Jay after that, with messages of thanks and praise for Jay and looking forward to the songs he will compose for them! 

 Long live Grasshopper and here's to His Royal DIAOness' creations for them!

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