Sunday, 2 December 2012

Jay Chou's 紅塵客棧(Hong Chen Ke Zhan) to premiere on 5 December!


Gosh...the news that every Jay Chou fan has been waiting for amidst loads of rumours and hearsay (and hair colour change, etc) has dropped and it is now confirmed that Jay's new single will premiere on 5 December on HitFM!!!

The title of the song is  紅塵客棧(Hong Chen Ke Zhan), translated as Worldly Tavern by Kelvin from JCS.

Here's the link to the translated article from JCS:

The description of the song and MV is amazing and apparently, it's been quite a while since Jay has used a zhong guo feng song as a first single release. So this should be definitely quite something and I'm certain I won't be able to concentrate well on my work on Wednesday.....God help me! ;)
Many of his fans have been looking forward to yet another blow-your-mind Chinese-style song so this has been wonderful news indeed. :)

Ok, I know, I know....there are photos in the article already but His Royal DIAOness looks SO DAMNED GORGEOUS that I simply HAVE to post the pics here in all his handsome glory (pardon my raving, but that's what fangirls do, right??)

Doesn't he look just awesome??
A sleeveless Chinese-style top is unusual to say the least but Jay will wear just about anything if he thinks it's DIAO and this really shows off his newly-toned arms and foreams, not to mention his super-stylish BLACK hair and that totally-Jay-esque facial expression....le sigh....

And here's Jay's announcement over the airwaves with an inkling of the song...sounds good!!

Hurry up, 5 December!!!

Update on 4 December:

120s preview of song...SO BEAUTIFUL!! Absolutely NOBODY composes zhong guo feng like HIs Royal DIAOness!

HitoFM for Hong Chen Ke Zhan and approximate times:
【周杰倫《紅塵客棧》Hit Fm全球首播時間】
12/5 10:00AM、3:00PM、7:00PM、11:00PM
12/6 5:00AM、12:00PM、5:00PM、10:00PM
12/7 3:00AM、9:00AM、4:00PM、8:00PM

Link to post about the actual song:

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