Monday, 17 December 2012

Jay Chou's OPUS 12: Three more new songs and album cover!!!

Did anyone miss me??

I've been happily in Taipei the past few days but still keeping up with Jay news as much as possible and wow! 

His Royal DIAOness is going full speed with more promos for OPUS 12. :))

Here goes:

120min previews of three more new songs went online today!!!

Here are the youtube links for the three songs:

First up:

Big Ben aka 大本钟 aka da ben zhong, an upbeat, breezy number about what else?? And remember he was filming an MV in London recently?? I love this song already!!

Second song: Sign Language aka 手语 shou yu, which I also just love already from the preview. He used autotune but very appropriately! The lyrics are also very cute, with his aiyo bu cuo again! :)

Third song is Cello aka 比较大的提琴 bi jiao da de ti qin, a quirky song (with contribution from Lara), which calls to mind Mr Magic and Old Indian Turtle Dove. The MV should be interesting!

Will post the full songs asap!

And and and.....OMG!!
Just look at this photo of the new album cover.... *faints*

There's quite a bit of blurb about this on the Chinese websites which I kinda get the gist of.

Here's the link to multistars translation:

Aiyo...he looks simply gorgeous in that blond hair and see-through lacy top/fitting pants which show off his new physique absolutely to perfection!
Jay's innate modesty is obvious. ;)
And willingness to wear anything. ;))

According to some other info, he was photographed and then there were special art effects added in to give the impression of an oil painting.

All I can say is that it's infinitely preferable to Sailor Jay, Vampire Jay, Capricorn Jay and Cowboy Jay.
This one is close to the awesomeness of the cover of November's Chopin for me...for now.
I'll wait for the finished product and decide which is my favourite. :)

Here's a pic from Facebook where a fan put this into a framed!

Le swoon....

Now eagerly awaiting the MV of ming ming jiu, which is due to be released tomorrow!!!

Keep watching this blog!!!

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