Tuesday, 4 December 2012

TWO songs premiering on 5 December and radio links

This just in:

According to a new clip on youtube, there will be ANOTHER song premiering tomorrow from Beijing radio stations!


The title of the song is 明明就 (ming ming jiu) and is the title track from the new album.
Literally translated, it means 'obviously'.

The music in the background of that clip *could* be the intro of the song or not.
It's anybody's guess and less than 24 hours for to find out.

What a day it will be on 5 December 2012!

With this news, I'm doubly certain that I will NOT be able to concentrate properly on work tomorrow...God help me!

Here are the two radio links:

HitoFM for Hong Chen Ke Zhan and approximate times:
【周杰倫《紅塵客棧》Hit Fm全球首播時間】
12/5 10:00AM、3:00PM、7:00PM、11:00PM
12/6 5:00AM、12:00PM、5:00PM、10:00PM
12/7 3:00AM、9:00AM、4:00PM、8:00PM


Beijing 97.4 for Ming Ming Jiu (times not known at present):


Happy listening!!

**Update on 5 Dec:

Link to post about the two songs:



  1. amazing...like this blog....this blog make me easy to follow jay chou news update...thank you very much for the owner and this blog too..

    1. Hi Gunawan!

      Thanks so much for your feedback.
      I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog. :)