Thursday, 6 December 2012

Jay Chou's new songs: 紅塵客棧 (hong chen ke zhan) and 明明就 (ming ming jiu)

Sigh...what a 'frustrating' time it was today, as Jay's two new songs premiered over the radio and there I was, all caught up with work and unable to tune in; actually, I just narrowly missed the first song but consoled myself as I knew the songs would be up on Facebook and youtube in double-quick time by eager fans happy to share.....

And I was not wrong.
Periodic checking of my Facebook News Feed showed that both songs were up like within about 30 minutes of the broadcast and the next frustrating thing was that I had no free time to listen in the midst of my duties. But I did manage to sneak in one listen and boy, was I blown away!!

Both songs are absolutely AMAZING!!!!
I was near tears as I listened to his distinctive heartfelt voice singing his archetypal beautiful melodies, which are just vintage Jay!

First up is  紅塵客棧(Hong Chen Ke Zhan), a good old zhong guo feng song with lyrics by (who else??), Jay's longtime collaborator, Vincent Fang.
I have written about this song in an earlier post:

This is the audio vid of the song...enjoy! I cannot translate the lyrics adequately and will wait for Kelvin from JCS to do the necessary.

Wasn't that just too beautiful for words??
Jay's zhong guo feng is simply Incomparable in the natural and effortless manner which he combines Western and Eastern musical instruments into a song which sounds quintessentially Chinese, yet with obvious R&B influences from the West. The melody is fantastic and his voice...omg...I swear he's sounding better and better as time goes on!
The fans definitely love it as the last album did not have a proper zhong guo feng song, which disappointed many for whom this is THE genre in which nobody (and I mean NOBODY!) can hold a candle to His Royal DIAOness.
I just wish there could be one more on the album... *sigh*

The second song is yet another vintage Jay style...his renowned piano ballads.
I present 明明就 (ming ming jiu), which translated means 'obviously'.

Here's the audio vid:

Lyrics in Chinese:


My humble attempt at translating the lyrics are as follows:

"Multicoloured sweets in the box
The smiles are not so sweet
Your joys do not include me
I walk in the medieval castle
If the seagull does not circle around the ocean
It can fly even further away
The sound of the wind from afar
I only care for news about you
Secretly afraid to love
I keep my memory of you
Obviously not used to holding my hand
Why do you have to clench your fist
Too many things on your mind
I won't intrude
Obviously he's more gentle
He can probably give you more
You don't have to choose
I'll still remain as a friend"

It doesn't say anywhere but I have a feeling it was Jay himself who wrote the lyrics; they sound like him and he has done it for other love songs eg Silence, I'm Not Worthy, etc.

Isn't it such a heartbreaking song??
I think I love this one even more than the zhong guo feng!
I must have replayed it like ten times already...and still can't get enough of it!
The melody here is awesome and Jay's!
I especially love the parts where he goes higher up:
eg at 0:59 to 1:03
And another one at 3:36 to 3:46.... takes my breath away!

And yes, the pic below takes my breath away too... ;)


You're torturing me!!
These two songs have whetted my appetite and I don't know how I'm going to wait another 23 days to the whole album!!!

Note to self:

Patience, fangirl....there'll be more songs being released...I think.
And more madness to come!

Bring it!!!


  1. Thank you for the translation, Jan, most appreciated!

  2. Hi sorry, i believe it is xi guan (used to) (familiar with) not xi huan =)

    1. Hi Jonathan!

      Thanks for the clarification! I'll amend it accordingly!
      Do you like this song too?

  3. oh and its cheng bao (castle) not sheng pa

  4. Thank you for translating the song. Fell in love with the lyrics of Ming Ming Jiu. Jay's the BEST!

  5. Could you please tell me what the song Hong chen ke zhan means?

    1. The title is translated as 'Red Dust Inn'.

      Translations for the lyrics are here:

  6. The songs are beautiful. And your enthusiasm is also wonderful. Thanks for writing!