Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Jay Chou Christmas!

Well, it's officially 25 December where I am so here's wishing one and all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas!

In the spirit of this blog, I shall now post as many of the recent goodies Jay and JVR has unleashed online as possible, for Christmas, OPUS 12 and The Rooftop. :)

First of all, two Christmas greetings from Jay!

Doesn't he look too darn cute in that blond hair?? :))

For OPUS 12:

News about another new song, Eunuchs Get Headaches (the title is enough to make me LOL 'cos it's so Jay!) aka 公公偏头痛gong gong pian tou tong:


BTS of the song...very fun!

20sec teaser audio clip of the song (it reminds me a little of Battle Between Heaven and Earth):

And Jay has taken the unprecedented step of releasing the rest of his new songs on HitFM radio on the 27 December, one day before the official release date of the album so that his fans can listen to the songs first!

Article from JCS about the event:


Some pics from the event:

He looks soooo young and fresh!!!! Especially with that extremely DIAO cap he's wearing with such great attitude!

And this is apparently the *confirmed* tracklist:

1)四季列車 Four Seasons Train
2)手語 Sign Language
3)公公偏頭痛 Eunuch with Headache
4)明明就 Obviously
5)傻笑 Giggle
6)比較大的大提琴 A Bigger Cello
7)愛你沒差 Loving You Makes No Difference
8)紅塵客棧 Worldly Tavern
9)夢想啟動 Dreams Start
10)大笨鍾 Big Ben
11)哪裡都是你 You Are Everywhere

It's all anyone's guess which other styles or genres those seven other songs will be so I'm not going to speculate. :)

Now for a HD 40sec teaser trailer for The Rooftop, which looks and sounds fantastic! The whole concept/feel, music and dance, not to mention the action scenes and Jay's bouffant hairstyle...omg...I think we're looking at another winner here! Only His Royal DIAOness could do a movie like this and get away with it. ;)

Check it out:

Can't wait for the full movie!!

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