Monday, 3 December 2012

Jay Chou at Baidu Awards 2012

His Royal DIAOness has won more awards....again!
So what's new??
I fancy that stroll up to the stage has got to be one which he has gotten used to after all these years but I'm sure it never gets old for him, even if he insists that he works hard for the fans and not just for the awards. ;)

Jay won three at the recent Baidu Awards and as far as I can make out, whilst waiting for the full news translation, one was for Best Singer, another for something like Most Influential for the past ten years and another which I'm not too sure about.

Here's one of my fave pics of him from this event...and I think you'll see why...omg...that adorable dimple!!!

Anyway, here are the video clips of the various segments of the show with him in it.

The first one is a 13 minute fan cam vid about his influence on the Mandopop industry and features interviews with fans who talk about how much his music meant to them for the past ten years or more. There was also an improvised Superman Can't Fly song, using lyrics written by the fans as a tribute to him. He was then presented with a unique gift of a huge J with photos and other fan memorabilia about him on it. And he also got to meet a couple who credited him for bringing them together when they met in the fanclub. :)

Award for Best Singer...Jay thanks his fans for their support and for being the driving force for his work and he is glad that his music has had a good influence on them.
He looks very touched when the clip about him is shown . :)

Another award and here he exhorts everyone to support their own fave Mandopop artistes which need not necessarily be him and not let Kpop overtake it in terms of popularity....which I totally agree with! Kudos to Jay for standing up for Mandopop! (much like Show Luo did at the Global Chinese Music Awards in Singapore recently).

His performance of Dao Xiang:

Below is the post-show interview, where Jay says he lost about 10kg so far and is making an effort to keep fit and young. He worked out with other artistes in Will's gym and what his hard work is teaching is perseverance. He needs to keep this physique for the new album and the MVs. He is looking forward to eating less carefully after that. However, he notes that with his new level of fitness, he was more lively and had more stamina on stage when singing Nunchucks.
He is very happy to have gotten the Most Influential award and once again, reiterates his hope for Mandopop to be more outstanding and not be overtaken by Kpop and Gangnam style, which was even used at the beginning of the awards chow..(Hooray for Jay!!)
He is also happy about the use of his songs in the classroom.
He also explains about his change of hair colour and that it's more about the Caucasians than about Kpop. And that he has not had any other hair colour since Fine Day (from Ye Hui Mei). However, he will probably return to black hair once the MVs and stuff for the new album is done as he has many endorsement deals to uphold and not all his sponsors are happy with his blond hair...lolz!
There's then some ribbing about his abs and the reporter cops a feel but as his hand wanders too far down, Jay stops him laughingly. :D

He looks REALLY CUTE up close like that and sooo young!!!

Gotta hand it to Jay...he really knows how to shock and keep his fans on their toes!

More nice pics:

 Le sigh.....

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