Sunday, 30 December 2012

OPUS 12 十二新作: Audio/MVs

Here's my playlist of the songs on OPUS12 which I compiled from various sources to listen to whilst waiting for the REAL THING(s) to arrive. :)

I've posted the songs below too.
They are not necessarily in the same order as the album proper tho'.

Four Seasons Train (shi ji lie che) 四季列车:

Giggle (sha xiao) 傻笑 ft Cindy Yen:

 You Are Everywhere (na li dou shi ni; love theme for The Rooftop) 哪里都是你:

Worldly Tavern (hong chen ke zhan) 红尘客栈:

Gong Gong Has Headache(gong gong pian tou tong) 公公偏头痛:

Obviously (ming ming jiu) 明明就:

Ukelele (wu ke li li) 乌克丽丽:

Big Ben (da ben zhong) 大笨钟:

Dreams Start (meng xiang qi dong) 梦想启动:

A Bigger Cello (bi jiao da de da ti qin; fancam of MV from press con) 比较大的大提琴:

Sign Language (shou yu) 手语:

No Difference Loving You (ai ni mei cha) 爱你没差:

All in all, OPUS 12 is a much more satisfying album than Exclamation Mark, with many songs which stick in my mind after only just one listen. The three official MVs have been really good and I can't wait to see the rest, especially for Sign Language and Ukelele.

I'm now having a good time listening to all the tracks.
Will post my comments and review after I've  savoured them and gathered more thoughts. :)

Here are some photos from the album specials (can't wait to get my own soon!!)...gosh, not for nothing do I address Jay as His Royal DIAOness!

And of course, this one takes the (beef)cake... *faints*



  1. I just become a fan since I found this page, you're really awesome

    1. Hi Rizu-sama!
      I presume you mean Jay is really awesome, 'cos he is! :)