Friday, 30 November 2012

Jay Chou Is BLOND!!!!

It's been two days since His Royal DIAOness rocked the Jay Chou fandom with the pics of his scarily sculpted bod but I dare say the major talking point was THE BLOND HAIR!!!

Yup, our Superman is now a self-professed Golden Iron Man 金铁人 and I'm sure he would expect all sorts of reactions to his change of hair colour, whether they are good, bad or plain disbelieving!

He looks quite cute with this style and yes, definitely not at all like a 33-year-young man!
And no, I don't think he did this to emulate any Kpop star; that's just not his style.
Personally, I think this is just his way of being DIAO by following the GOLD theme as explained in my 12th Album Teaser post and although I couldn't believe my eyes at first, I've gotten used to it and can only applaud Jay for his daring-do. :)

Haha...I can't help wondering what the reactions of his staff and Mum were to the colour!
Some fans have been a little disconcerted and disappointed but that's not IS quite a drastic change and it looks set to stay for awhile or at least until the album is released.

So without further ado....let's BEHOLD the GOLD!!!
NB: Pics all from widely-shared photos on Facebook Jay Fan Friends, Pages and Groups. Thanks all!

Jay was in Beijing today for a performance, flaunting his blondness and not hiding under a beanie like he usually does. To me, that signals how comfortable he is with this and that he thinks it's DIAO!

With Xiao Mai:

With a fan backstage, who caught his nunchucks in a 2006 concert:

And he looks SOOOO HANDSOME here:

On stage...I think he looks GOOD!!

THE DIMPLE!!!! *heart*

THE DIMPLE again!!

Here's the vid of his concert performance:

And a message from Jay on Xiao Mai's weibo (translation courtesy of Kelvin from JCS):

 杰倫:今天是第一次以最新的造型在內地開唱了 大家不要嚇到啊哈哈 小麥笑說二十歲當實力歌手 三十歲才當偶像歌手 好像跟別人反過來了吧。 八塊肌除了麥當勞之外 得來不易 !哥練的不是肌肉 哥練的是…毅力 哈哈 希望我的毅力可以影響到你們 這也將表示接下來新專輯的音樂 會有多屌了。

Jay: Today is the first time I held a concert in Mainland China with the new look, don't get scared everybody haha Xiao Mai laughed saying I was a pro singer at 20 and I've only becoming an idol singer at 30, it seems like the opposite of what other people do. Besides Mcdonalds the 8 pack was not easy to obtain! Big bro is not training muscles, big bro is training...perseverance haha I hope my perseverance can influence you, this will express how diao the music in the new album will be.

Oh. My. JAY!!!!

Is he HAWT or what???



What do you guys think??

Update on 3 December from Nini's weibo.....omg...


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