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Edward Cullen vs Jay Chou

Apart from Jay-mania, I'm also a certified Twilight fan and am firmly on Team Edward!
For last year and this, the release of the final two films in the Saga has always been around November.
Along with Breaking Dawn Part 1 in 2011, Jay also released his 11th album around the same time so I came up with the following post which was first shared on Multistars Forums back then.

I shall re-post it here on this blog to share with my readers who may not have ventured into reading my other Fandom Is Fun blog.

We're now in 2012 and I'm now getting ready to attend a Complete Twilight Saga Movie Marathon come 21 November and feeling all high about two of my most favourite guys, although one of them is fictional. ;)
And of course, Jay's new album is due for release in December, with a possible broadcast of the first single on 19 November. 

So here goes:

My two fandoms collided this November, what with Jay's new album and the release of Breaking Dawn Part 1!
It was somewhat inevitable that my brain would wander into comparing Edward Cullen, the unconventional and fictional vampire versus Jay Chou, also unconventional but a very real and red-blooded human (or is he??).

So here are my musings thus far: (Twilight/Jay fans will understand this but others may read it for a laugh!)

First, the similarities:

1) Music!

Both Edward and Jay play the piano, compose and have tremendous musicality.

2) Cars!

Both are crazy about cars and fast ones, at that!

3) Sports!

Edward loves baseball; Jay loves basketball.

4) Skin!

Edward, of course, has amazing skin but Jay's can easily rival fact, one of my friends, when she first found out about my Jay-mania...her first comment was: He has such beautiful skin!

5) Superhero!
Jay is of course, Superman and as for Edward, Bella initially wondered if he was like a superhero from the comics!

6) Filial piety

Edward thinks the world of his vampire parents, Carlisle and Esme. Like Jay's tremendous love and respect for his mother and grandmother, and I'm pretty sure, his Dad too.

7) No need for sleep?

Edward NEVER sleeps and Jay, seemingly, does not require much either, judging by the way he works!

8) Virtuous

They're both quite old-school, which is really nice!
Edward cares about Bella's 'virtue' and Jay cares about his (girl)friends' too, from what he has mentioned numerous times about not wanting to be photographed with them by the pappz so as not to 'tarnish' their reputations.

9) Wealthy!

Both are RICH!!!!

10) Facial features

Here's a description of Edward's face from Eclipse:

"...the hard square of his jaw, the softer curve of his full lips---twisted up into a smile now, the straight line of his nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones, the smooth marble span of his forehead..."

Could easily describe Jay's face too, ya?
Especially the cheekbones part!
No mention of dimples on Edward tho'!;)

11) Immortality!

Edward is a vampire....vampires are immortal. 'Nuff said!
Jay is The Incomparable One, whose immortality will span more than just The Era, thanks to his music and other works. :)

12) Magic

Edward can read minds (all except Bella's!).
Jay can apparently do the same too when he performs magic!

Now for the differences( which are quite obvious, really):

1) Diet

Edward only drinks blood.
Jay can eat anything!

2) Dates

Edward doesn't date.
Jay...definitely does!

3) Water

Edward swims well...of course.
Jay is hydrophobic!

4) Languages

Edward speaks like, a thousand and one languages.
Jay is, unfortunately, still quite monolingual, in spite of his TGH experience. :(

5) Self-confidence (or lack thereof)

Edward has this continuous self-loathing and doubt.
Jay...the complete opposite!

6) Old vs young soul

Edward is, well, definitely an 'old' man at heart.
Jay has alot of the child in him still. :)

7) Sense of fun

This probably relates to Point 7.

Edward is really quite serious most of the time whilst you can always count on Jay to have fun at his friends' expense, playing tricks on them!

Anyone wants to add on??
Feel free to do so!!

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