Wednesday, 28 November 2012

DIAOness Update: Jay Chou's 12th Album Teaser!


This post is NOT for the faint-hearted!

OMG...I'm still hyperventilating and my heart is still palpitating from the latest updates on Facebook about His Royal DIAOness' teaser for his new album!!!!

Check out these pics of his arms, abs, pecs and wow! THE HAIR!!!!

I nearly fell off my chair (again, like when he first unveiled his abs for Rooftop) when I saw these pics on Facebook tonight!
Yes, they've been flooding my News Feed and fans everywhere have been tweeting and Sharing freely.
The overwhelming reaction has been one of awe and shock, with some professing that they do not like his muscular new bod but the majority of the fans are excited and happy that Jay has once again, done something unexpected and DIAO!
True, he looks a trifle Kpop-ish but considering the fact that he's 33, this new image is all the more incredible yet soooo Jay!
That nonchalant and insouciant attitude is still there, complete with cheekbones, pouty lips and all!

Well, this fangirl here LOVES what she's seeing and is super-hyped-up for the new album.
I only hope that his songs will NOT sound Kpop-ish even if he looks Kpop-ish.
But somehow, I just have a feeling this album is going to be all kinds of awesome. :)

I'm awaiting Kelvin's translation of the news on JCS and will link it here once it's ready.

[Update on 29 November 2012]

Meanwhile, this is what I've gleaned from my own reading:

The colour gold is significant for Jay viz
1) Fifteen Golden Melody Awards
2) Two Golden Horse Awards
3) Curse Of The Golden Flower

And hence for his latest album...the GOLDEN hair!

Jay has been directing the MVs for all twelve tracks and wants to be known as the strongest and fittest director in Asia. He feels that this is something different as there are already many singers and artistes who are fit but not a director.

He has also been occupied with editing the MVS and post-production work and promises that his new physique will be shown off in the MVs (YOWZA!!)

The preorder for "Twelve New Works" (literally translated) will be on 12 December with a scheduled Asia-wide simultaneous release on 28 December 2012!!!

Can't wait!!!!!

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  1. I enjoyed this post very much! Oh! I didn't know the color gold could mean so much to jay! :)