Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Jay Chou Piano Books

Love the imaginativeness of that Jay facial image made up of music symbols! And the scores are really good too! This book was first lent to me by a friend but I subsequently got Kinokuniya to bring it in for me.

The next two books were also found in Kinokuniya:

I found the following five books in Music Book Room in Bras Basah Complex; I remember that  evening when I was at Jack's Place for dinner and noticed this shop on the ground floor...and the name of the shop was enough to get my attention. I rushed over after ordering my food and they were about to close, with many of their things already brought in. I barged in and asked breathlessly if they had Jay Chou piano books and voila! Out came four different editions! I browsed through, whilst apologising for keeping them waiting and eventually, as I could not decide which one to get, decided WTH, to get them! Absolutely no regrets as each had something different to offer and I've had a ball trying out all the arrangements!

I was probably in the right place at the right time when I found all these books 'cos I don't see them in the bookshops of late anymore....except for the black Secret book. :)

Update on 16 Sept 2012:

Popped by Music Book Room and found another Jay piano book...happiness! This one has a few of the songs from his latest album, Exclamation Mark!


  1. Hi, may I know where could I get these piano books in Singapore? I would really want to get hold on some of these! Thanks a lot! (:

    1. I forgot to add that it's the Ngee Ann City branch of Kinokuniya.
      Tel: 67375021 for enquiries. Ask for Chinese books section.

  2. Hi Louis!

    Kinokuniya has Book #7 viz the black Secret book; as of yesterday, I saw a few copies still.
    Kino also had the first book at the top, the golden cover one, which is the best. There's none at the moment, but I think they will bring more in. Call them and ask or check with the staff at the Chinese books counter. They're very nice and helpful.
    The Secret book with Jay and Lun Mei on the cover...I don't see anymore. Ask them!
    Another place to try for the other books is Music Book Room at Bras Basah Complex. They're on the ground floor. I popped in there a few weeks ago but did not see any Jay books. You can have a look again and ask them.
    Lemme know if you see any other books which are not here....I'd want to get them too!
    Good luck!

  3. Oh okay, I'll look for them there! Thank you very much! (:

  4. Hello! I was looking to buy the secret book with the black cover for a friend. However he doesn't understand mandarin. Do you know if the book is completely in mandarin? Would you happen to know if there are English versions available?

    1. Hi paperAlice!

      All the books are in Mandarin. I have not seen any in English as yet.
      Does your friend already know the soundtrack music of Secret?
      Does he just need translations for the titles of the scores?

    2. Hey fangirl forever,

      Yes, my friend knows some of the music scores and absolutely loves them. I was thinking that because there are some pictures of the movie in the book, as cited by some product reviews I've read online, I would think that there are some sections of texts or commentaries. If these were in Mandarin, I am considering if this would hinder the enjoyment of the book because of the language barrier. If it does, then I would reconsider getting it as a gift.
      However, I do believe that music transcends language and he doesn't need to understand Mandarin to play the music. Haha.
      What do you think?

    3. Here's what's in the book:

      Nice photos of the movie and some of the movie-making itself
      Lines from the movie (in Chinese, of course)
      Jay's playing tricks for some of the scores...but these are in Chinese and I can't even translate them well 'cos my Chinese is not *that* good.

      If your friend really loves the movie and the music that much, he will definitely enjoy the book in spite of the lack of English, as the most significant aspect of Secret is, unarguably, Jay's amazing music. :)

    4. Great, I think I will definitely get the book as the gift. It's only selling at Kino @ Ngee Ann City at about $18! Fantastic. Thanks so much for your help! :)

  5. wow, nice collection! I was able to buy some more jay piano scores online and i will show you a picture of my collection tomrrow. :D