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Jay Loves: WHEELS!

That's Jay in the Toyota AE86 from his first movie, Initial D in 2005, for which he won the Best New Performer at the Golden Horse (Taiwan) and Hongkong Film Awards....not bad for a newbie actor, ya? But then again, popular opinion is that he was essentially playing himself, as his character, Takumi is also a quiet chappie who just drives very well. ;)

Here's the clip of his winning the award in Hongkong...he attempted to speak a little Cantonese before lapsing into Mandarin....cute!

But let's not take anything away from Mr Chou's efforts to do more than just singing and songwriting.:)

He also composed two good songs for this movie:

The first one was Drifting aka Piao Yi, a cool rap number:

And the love theme, All The Way North aka Yi Lu Xiang Bei:

Jay has always loved his wheels. From the time when all he could afford was a motorbike during his early years at Alfa Music to the present where he is now the proud owner of about twelve or thirteen vehicles, mostly cars but also a motorbike or two.

For more info on his early collections, here are some articles from the Jay Chou Studio archives:

This is from 2003, about his blue Jaguar:

This is from 2004, which shows pics of the antique cars which he loves:

This is a Multistars Forum thread which talked about his silver Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR722 Edition in 2008 (you can also see this car in the CNN Talk Asia interview and the Super Sports Goddess MV, which I'll post below):

Although he does not own this car, it was one he coveted and manged to get for his MV, Self-Directed-and-Acted aka Zhi Dao Zhi Yan:

From Jay Chou Studio archives:

Jay also got to indulge his love for another car in The Green Hornet viz the fabulous Black Beauty, which the studio gave him after the movie was finished.

Jay is also a comics fan and managed to get his hands on a Batmobile, which features in his Superman Can't Fly and Super Sports Goddess MVs and is now housed in his Deja Vu restaurant.

A link to an article about the Batmobile:

Super Sports Goddess MV, where he's a car mechanic who loves cars more than the ladies...note how it's the gals who have their hands all over him, whilst he is actually more interested in the!
I love this's so breezy and catchy and Jay's rapping is amazing as usual. :)
Article about the cars from Jay Chou Studio archives:


One of his latest acquisitions for his 33rd birthday this year was the Lamborghini Aventador in the Super Sports Goddess MV....his mother caved in, I!

He also has a snazzy red motorbike, a Travertson VRex:

Jay also endorsed AEON, a Taiwanese brand of motorbikes recently:

And note that he's often seen cycling in his MVs, his movie Secret and there's another bicycle that he also endorses viz AIMA:

And don't forget his skateboarding expertise in the Sprite commercial with Kobe Bryant! :))

To top it all off, Jay will be performing at the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on 21 September on the main stage at the Padang!!
Which better star to get than him for this event??
Apparently, they tried to get him last year but his schedule was too full with his new album and other concerts.

Needless to say, I've already booked my tickets and even snagged the wristbands to be in the Fanzone, which is closer to the stage....*happy dance*
It's only another 100 days one of my FB Friends just reminded me!!

Can't wait to see him again!!!!

Update 2 Sept 2012:

Check out my posts on the tickets, stage and countdown:

And a review of his fantastic F1 concert:

And here's the latest pic of Mr Chou with yet another set of wheels...not sure if he already owns it or
is just posing with!

Anyone knows what the car is??
I'm totally clueless when it comes to car marques!

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