Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jay Loves: MAGIC!

I think I've posted quite enough about Jay's music by now so for a change, I'm going to present some of  his other passions which have been associated with him forever.
The above pic is a promotional poster for his ninth album, Capricorn which had the song, Mr Magic...which I had mentioned in an earlier post, Uniquely Jay.

Jay had been fascinated by magicians and their tricks ever since he was a kid, to the extent of making the effort to learn how to perform card tricks. He felt that magic was a good way to break the ice with friends (and of course, the opposite sex) as he would not have to say too much and yet could entertain.

He certainly has the type of hands and fingers suitable for magic, with all the flexibility that his many years of piano practice would have given them. Watching his sleight of hand is quite mesmerising, amateur though he is. 

All through his years in showbiz, it has become almost de rigeur for him to carry a pack of cards with him for interviews and talkshows to whip out and show off a trick or two to the hosts and DJs. He also shows off in random situations as I will show in the following clips from youtube. :))

For starters, here's a Panasonic commercial from his early days....he looks sooo darn cute!

And a Sprite commercial:

Of course, those could have been camera tricks. ;)

Here are some nice tricks I've watched:

The first two are for KKBox...this one with a disappearing ring:

With cards:

From a HK talkshow:

And he loves performing magic on Kangxi Lai Le, a popular Taiwanese talkshow:

This is a playlist for another Kangxi Magic special with Jay...the first three vids have him performing tricks:

And when he was on holiday in Sydney, whilst on a cruise:

On HitoFM radio show:

And in Singapore during the Treasure Hunter promotion:

And for his staff:

Backstage at another HK interview:

Hope everyone enjoyed those!

Jay even toyed with the idea of directing a magic-themed movie a few years ago but that did not happen and is unlikely to as there was a recent movie, The Great Magician, starring Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

He has however opened a magic-themed restaurant aka Deja Vu....more on that in another post about his other business ventures.

His tricks may be simple but it's his cool and matter-of-fact attitude which makes me smile. :)

Update on 31 August 2012:

Just saw this posted on His Royal DIAOness simply cool or what??

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