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Pic from Kungfu Dunk

Showing off his ball twirling

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Charity event for kids in China

Deerway commercial

Doesn't he look so cool??
Notwithstanding his lack of height, Jay loves basketball with a passion born of years of playing since his schooldays. Come rain or shine, there was no stopping him and his pals having a game after school or even during!
He was also prone to showing off fancy moves (to impress the girls, of course!) and apparently, there were members of the opposite sex who found this musically-inclined-yet-sporty guy quite a draw. ;)
When he was with Alfa Music, he would also frequently shoot hoops and dribble around with friends like Show Luo and Wil Liu.
And he has incorporated his love of this game into many aspects of his career, like his MVs, endorsements, movie roles (Kato, Kungfu Dunk), talkshows and promotions (where he usually has to compete against others) and also for charity events.
He has gotten to work with basketball greats like Yao Ming and Kobe Bryant and for the TIME interview in 2003, it was basketball which provided a common platform for the journalist to get to know him better.

I must add a little note here about Kingfu Dunk, the 'basketball movie' which starred Jay and Eric Tsang. My review which I posted on Jay Chou Studio is as follows:

"I quite enjoyed this movie, but not for the basketball. What got me was the underlying story of Jay's character and his understated acting style in conveying emotions, especially the part about his 'parents' at the basketball match and when he met his real Dad. I was moved to tears.
As well, Eric Tsang was brilliant and the kungfu scenes well-executed."

It's a pity many critics and reviewers did not seem to understand that and focused more on the basketball and special effects.
Of course, Jay had the weirdest hairstyle here amongst all his movies but it was appropriate for the story and made me forget that it was Jay, the singer there...which is important.
I'm posting a subbed video of the movie here for those of you who have yet to watch it.

Here are examples of all that I've mentioned about Jay's love for this game:

MV for The Same Kind Of Tune aka Tong Yi Zhong Diao Diao, where he collaborates with Yao of his DIAOest MVs ever! Jay plays instruments and b'ball with Yao this one!

And the Pepsi commercial with this song:

Deerway commercial:

 Cici commercial:

Showing off at a promo for Kungfu Dunk....he's not infallible after!

More showing off in Thailand:

 MV for Kungfu Dunk; composed by Jay:

News clip about Jay, Show Luo and Yao Ming at an event:

Shooting hoops:

Sprite commercial with Kobe Bryant:

MV for the full song, of course composed by Jay viz Battle of Heaven and Earth aka Tian Di Yi Dou:

And a basketball event in Shanghai as a follow-up to the above commercial:

Gotta hand it to Jay and his basketball!

Now to see if he'll collaborate with Mr Lin-sanity himself in the summer as Jeremy has mentioned that he is a fan of Jay. ;)

Here's cute pic of Jay and Yao Ming to end off... :))

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