Sunday, 24 June 2012

My 1000-piece Jay Jigsaw 周杰伦拼图

This was given to me by a friend who knew how partial I was/am to Jay. It had been sitting pretty in my cupboard for a few months as I had never done anything like this in earnest. It was only
after my son had tenaciously finished his 1000-piece Hitman Reborn puzzle that I was inspired to give this a go.

 First things first...his cute face! And as much of the edges as possible.

Then came the body. Thankfully, there were alphabets behind the pieces and after a while, we got the hang of the order/grids somewhat, and it became easier.

 TA-DAH!!!! Everything in place at last!!! 

Framed-up and ready to be displayed!!

I actually have a spot to hang this up on but he looks kinda nice, sitting on the floor of the landing outside our rooms... :)
And for added perspective, see the CD at the bottom righthand corner....that's how big the finished 50cm by 75cm picture is!

Some thoughts on the experience:

I never realised that putting together a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle could induce such a spectrum of emotions! It was a surreally obsessive yet fulfilling experience over six days of intermittent work which involved my family (bless their kind hearts!) as well.

The process started off with eager anticipation as we emptied out the pieces from the box and started sorting them out...slowly. When the fit was right, the satisfaction was great. But when nothing seemed to come together, frustration would set in. Which was also not helped by the fact that neckache, backache and eyestrain were all part of the whole procedure!

The most agonising incident was when I accidentally dropped the 60%-completed puzzle whilst transferring it to another room to continue working on it. I saw our hard work go to pieces...literally! The feeling then was indescribably awful, that's all I can say. But after wailing in despair and uttering countless expletives for about 30 minutes, life had to go on. Pieces had to be picked up and put together again...painstakingly. And with a firm resolve not to let something like that happen again!

Another heartstopping moment was when it appeared that there were missing pieces, just as we were nearing the end of the puzzle. That triggered off a thorough search, and it was with immense relief that the errant pieces were found.

Of course the most exhiliarating part was at the conclusion when the last few pieces were put in place and..voila!
The whole process appears rather like an allegory for life on the whole, don't you think? ;)

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