Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jay Disco Nite at The Rink

Yup, that announcement says it all...two hours of skating to totally Jay's music!

The Rink is Singapore's first Olympic-sized ice-skating rink within JCube in Jurong East.
I heard about this Jay-themed thingy from my Facebook Friends and of course, had to check it out when the time came....which was last night.

View of JCube from my car....I think it looks quite impressive and interesting! Not often we see such an imaginatively designed mall. :)
Here's some info about this newly-opened mall:

View of the rink from above

I love the colours of those overhead lights!

There were elevated seats which were open to the public so hubby and I settled ourselves there with ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery and simply enjoyed watching the goings-on below whilst listening to Jay's beautiful music. :)
The crowd was mostly young but the best skater there was an older video below.
We witnessed some falls, some fancy pirouettes and some who just wanted to speed around the rink. But many were also teeter-tottering along gingerly; guys holding their girlfriends' hands; many holding on for dear life to the sides of the rink.
Did I skate??!
I can't skate for nuts....and happy to keep it that way, thank you very much!

Who says romance is dead??
Look at that guy on bended knee proposing to his girlfriend!
Major *awwww* and huge cheers/applause from the onlookers, including yours truly of course!!!

Amongst all the skaters, one particular man stood out with his long hair flowing behind him and leading a line of younger folks. The song was Hair Like Snow aka 发如雪 (fa ru xue)...quite appropriate, come to think of it! His hair was long and!
The clip is his graceful moves...and he was smiling all the way, obviously in his element. :)

All in, it was such a cool event...literally!

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